Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 26

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This is my entry of 2 featured bloggers for week 26 of #payitforward curation contest organized and promoted by @pifc.

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1. @biffboff


My first featured blogger is Chriss Biff AKA @biffboff from Karlsruhe in Germany. He loves to take travel- nature- and landscape photos.

Featured Post: A Motorbike Tour around Myanmar

Photo source: A Motorbike Tour around Myanmar by @biffboff

Myanmar has many many things to offer, especially when you travel on your own, away from the big hot spots and tour groups. So we decided to rent motorbikes and do our own tour, to get some first hand impressions of the country, people and small villages. We met a very friendly guy in Mandalay and rented some 125cc bikes (more like scooters^^) from him for around 10$ a day.

2. @maracuja


My second featured blogger this week is @maracuja, a language ner and world explorer from Ireland. For some reasons she thinks she is a bad cook and perpetually confused, too.

Featured Post: How I fell on my face and learned about life: A personal essay.

Photo source: How I fell on my face and learned about life: A personal essay. by @maracuja

I had the worst accident of my life 6000 miles away from home, on my own. And I kept going. I wrote this essay to describe what happened and how it changed my outlook on life. Last September I flew from my home in Ireland to Shanghai to study Chinese for a year. In the beginning, it was incredibly difficult. I was struggling with the local bureaucracy, the language, the customs, and a very deep loneliness. I couldn’t wait for the Chinese New Year holidays in January, when I could go traveling. Everything was working up to those 5 weeks.

Please support this 2 wonderful authors, if you like their stories. Cheers!


Awesome stories! Thanks for your picks, @zorank!!

I'm glad you like my picks and thanks for your kind support towards the authors, @trincowski.

You got a 2.03% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @zorank!

Thank you so much for the feature! ❤️

You are welcome, @biffboff!

Thanks for the entry, both bloggers have been upvoted.

Hi Unfortunately I can not vote right now. I will still be visiting your features I do have some comment credits.
Maybe since the contest was cancelled you can feature them in future weeks?