Pimp Your Post #52 - 2 Steem Bounty

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It's a year of "Pimpin" Posts! No changes this week, but would love to ask for some feedback about Pimp Your Post. Let us know if there is anything you think we can do to make it better.

Pimp Your Post

Pimp Your Post is Back for the 52nd installment.

To make sure that there is time to see your comment and vote on them before the Bounty happens we are going to create an end time for entries. No entries after Saturday 11:59am CST (Chicago) time will be voted on. This will give us about 24 hours to make sure all entries are voted on.

To help encourage more engagement when there is extra Voting Power it will be used to reward those who are engaging with the posts featured here.

To let @pifc know you have engaged please leave a comment as a reply to the entry comment of other people saying that you visited their post, what you thought of it, and what level of engagement you did (comment, upvote, resteem). This will help us to know who to reward with extra votes.


Rules for Pimp Your Post:

This is the easy part and hopefully one that will bring you some added eyeballs to your posts. Remember nobody is forced to vote on your posts so make sure they are quality. If you post a link to a Actifit Report Card or other Spam type post don't expect any part of the Bounty as we will not upvote them. We support original content.

  • Leave a comment with the Link to Your Post, but also "Pimp It"...that is sell us one why to visit your post.

  • No Referral Links and Steemit.com links are preferred.

  • Support Others by Visiting their Posts and leave a reply to their comment that you did so.

  • Post needs to be 3 days old or less when you add your comment

Naturally we love your support and appreciate your votes and resteems!

Tag Someone

Know someone that you think would like more exposure to their posts? Then tag them and invite them to Pimp their Post.



As an added bonus a @steem-bounty of 2 Steem is being set on this weeks Pimp Your Post. @steem-bounty is a
great way for @pifc to be able to reward everyone at a higher level without burning up to much Voting Power or taking a ton of time to send out rewards for entries. This payout happens automatically just after post payout to all entries @pifc upvotes. @knircky is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.

Staked Tokens

@pifc has started to build up a couple tokens to help add extra value to our community. Posts with #palnet, #neoxian, or #marlians will gain a small bonus as we have staked tokens from each of them.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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@pifc has set 2.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Earn the bounty by commenting what you think the bounty creator wants to know from you.

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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

Dear @pifc, this week will be again new bet, so you are welcome to support our Dudi: https://steemit.com/palnet/@intellihandling/will-our-dudi-score-a-goal-in-spain

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Here's my latest:


Thanks for my bounty payout last week. Will make sure to pay some visits.

Perhaps we can suggest that everyone share their steemit link? Or maybe we can decide on one interface. It gets difficult to visit posts when everyone is posting using a different tribe or app.

Posted via Marlians.com

I wish everyone would use just Steemit too for their links. I get that some people don't use steemit, but it's the easiest one to change the link to other front ends. I've gotten a few people to change, but some are dead set against it.

I love the "Pimp Your Post" challenge as it is. What would be nice is adding some surprise extra bonuses in the form of tokens perhaps? :))

It's not all work and no play for me and my daughter. We do find time for R & R at least once a year. Here's a look back at one of our summer getaways wherein we enjoyed island hopping and exploring the beauty of one of the Caramoan Islands. Do visit my profile for more of these vacation vlogs. ^_^


No good way to give out tokens and PIFC really doesn't have any to spare. The bounty program doesn't work with the tribe tokens or we would gladly purchase 2 steem worth and do that. We are powering up more and more tokens so your posts are getting more rewards. Right now there is CCC, PAL, NEOXAG, and MARLIANS. But we might add a few more to that list. Plan to write a post asking the community which tribes they would like to see PIFC stake. Next week is crazy busy for me, but then life gets a little more normal again.

I have a large marlians stake. Leaving an upvote so you can have some too.

Posted via Marlians.com

Thank you for that. If you have spare voting power and can visit the curation contest also that would be a huge help. Only if you need something to use some VP on.

I'd like to pimp my post about welfare programmable money - https://steemit.com/money/@chekohler/will-programmable-money-help-the-welfare-state

and would like to invite @afrouli and @misschance to pimp one of their posts

Interesting article presented. Commented and voted ^_^


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I would like to pimp my post about a walk through the forest to a plane wreck

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