Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 4

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I'm So Excited to Participate in this Curation Contest!

I'm a member of the #dynamicsteemians discord community. It's a place for folks who are new to Steem to learn how things work and be a part of an amazing community. There are not only new minnows there but also established members who offer guidance and mentorship. Shout out to our founder @dynamicgreentk!

I thought it would be fun to pick my three posts from this community.


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.55.05 PM.png

Somehow, I failed to notice this artistic talent in the group. To be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to post-promotion so it's easy to escape my attention. In this post, @badzkie123 shows his process of creating a lovely pencil portrait for a friend's birthday present. I consider myself an artist too. I love to see the process of finished work even if I don't like documenting that myself.



@heyimsnuffles gives us information on the SMOKE ICO and airdrop. They give us reasons why they support this team even as a non-user of Marijuana. It was timely, information for me because I had caught a glimpse of the SMOKE token and meant to come back and learn more.



@thegreens is an awesome non-profit headquartered in Bamenda, Cameroon. To reiterate what I wrote in my comment to them, they are speaking my language. The post is short and sweet but touched several topics that I care deeply about. Working with youth and the arts is an area close to my heart. I love to see people who are doing good work. Investing in our youth and our planet is important work.

Closing Thoughts

As I thought, I had a great time curating posts for the contest. I didn't expect to make it a dynamicsteemians exclusive, but I surprisingly don't follow many steemians who are below 50 reputation. I'm glad I had the idea to keep it in the dynamic fam. I'm a little more familiar with three of you now.

I'm an ambassador. If you join, come by '#nikemas-tea-shop' and say, "Hi"


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Thanks for joining us in the #payitforward contest. You have made some really good suggestions for featured authors. Thanks for the diligence in finding them. I have visited, commented and upvoted all of them. All the best to you.

Thank you so much for that. It was my pleasure. I need to start earlier for next week 😀

May i suggest some more writters maybe in private we have some amazing writters...

Of course, I’ll dm you.

I have voted and commented on all of your entries. Thank you for your entry! Hope you join us again for week 5 which will start in about 36 hours.

Thanks again for this contest. I wish I would have started earlier. I should start now for week 5.

I will say for sure the early entries tend to get more traffic to their featured bloggers and themselves. I try to get others to visit some of the other entries and give votes to those who are featured, but it's hard to get people to come back to a post after they have in their mind finished with it.

No problem. I enjoyed it. It was a Sunday miracle that @tipu had the voting power for all three posts.

Oh my. Thanks nikema for featuring my blog. The process of my drawing in that blog was not totally detailed I did like doing the step by step with tutorial on how I did. But, I attached a link for the process of doing portrait which was related to my latest post.. once again, thanks nikema. 👍👍👍

@tipu upvote this post for 5.55 SBD

Sorry, @tipU needs to recover voting power - will be back in 13 hours and 49 minutes. Please try then!

Such a great post @nikema!!!Loving seeing you support the course at #Patitforward contest. This was a great pick for your first entry. Love. Love
See you at the week 5 entry hopefully.

Thanks Elsie. I’m following in your footsteps ❤️

I have voted and commented on all of your entries . It's a nice thing that you selected all of them from @dynamicteemians . Well done

Awesome. Thanks for the support 😀

Thanks for featuring our post @nikema and we both speak thesame language. Stay tuned to more art, poetry, and creative stuff from @thegreens. Peace!

Of course. Y’all deserve more recognition. I will definitely stay tuned 😀

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