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RE: My Witness Pay-it-Forward Delegations Have Been Set

You and me both. I was barely logging on when I saw this delegation appear on steemworld. I didn't sign up for it, and was actually trying to encourage delegation to Ash, which did happen, so I'm happy for that. I guess I'll have to find things to do with it. :)


I'm sure you will find many ways to grow other people here @glenalbreathsen! You always do! :)

I don't know what I'm doing to grow other people. Apparently my $0.02 wasn't necessarily making it through, right? What are you going to do with yours? Maybe I'll follow you for a week. :)

lol.. yes go with $0.03 it should keep it from becoming "dust"... And you are doing a lot... You are leading us all (even passing decrees on our food selection). You should recognize by now that you are showing many how to get involved and spark a thoughtful conversation. There is a reason that you are number 1 3 weeks in a row. Since the day I first met you, you have always been thoughtful and genuine. On top of that, you manage to elicit responses by the way you respond. You have the natural gift of gab.

So it stand to reason that if people grow by communicating with others and making new friends and connections, then all of your interactions together mean you are growing other people. With a little more SP to cast a slightly larger vote, you can reach even more people than you otherwise could've. I think you are the perfect person to be delegated SP... You always use it to give respect to the people you are communicating with! (At least I should say that is what I have witnessed... since I don't follow you around every day)

And I am happy to have you follow me around any time you like, maybe you could teach me how do 10 things at once... I struggle sometimes :P

Like I'm going to teach anyone how to multi-task. On good days, I manage one at a time. :)

I suppose the impact of what any of us are doing will be measured by it's accumulative effect over time. Right now, I can't see much of what I might be doing, but hey, I'll take your word for it.

I am trying to keep conversations going for as long as the other participant wants to, while trying to be respectful of their time. I ran newspapers for 15 years, so I learned a thing or two about how to do that.

I don't know that I was quite ready for the delegation. Since I didn't apply for it, I wasn't expecting it. I'm still trying to figure out how to feel about it, but for now, I'm just trying to do what I've been doing by hitting as many people as I can come across that have good content or engage and see what happens. I think I'll be relieved when it's withdrawn and it's just me again.

There's generally more than one way to do things, and there's generally unintended consequences to everything, too. Knowing that, I'll find myself cautiously optimistic while trying to prepare for worst case. So, when it's called for, that's generally where I'm coming from in any argument. I go in with the idea that most people are good and trying to do the right thing and that a few words in a text box isn't enough to get the full picture of anything. Especially when most people are pretty tight lipped about who they are and what they think in the first place. Then, I just try to share things about my life or what I think I know and see what happens.

Vote things with .02 payouts, stinc gets to keep the money from rounding all those down.

agree with you completely! To be safe, 0.03 or higher

I didn't sign up for it either. Just came out of the blue. I was considering playing with a bot while @abh12345 was away but decided against it when this came in. Also, by the looks of it, I didn't really understand how it worked! Nothing new there. 😂

Playing with a bot? Now that would have been fun to see. :)

Glad you changed your mind, though. I haven't tried to use a bot and from the sounds of things, I don't really want to. So many variables to consider, even if there's info on that, too.

Yep. It sounds pretty complicated. More so than it looks.

The rebel in me wanted to try something a little different while the boss was away. However, it turns out he's still keep tabs on us in the background! 😂 😂 😂

haha :)

Would I do that!

Be a rebel for a week!

Nah. Three self votes was enough @abh12345. It well and truly cocked up my VP and I'm still trying to recover it!

Seems like you can't do 100% self-votes and the number of 0.02c comment votes I was doing, with the level of SP I have.

When I've got my VP back to 100% I'll start a new experiment! 😁