Entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 42

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Saleum Steemians!

Another week has come and this contest always worth to join in. Yes, this is the chance to find 2 original quality content posts from good posters with 55 rep or below. All you have to do is include the link of the posts and make a short review about it and follow the rules written in this post >> PIFC Week 42

This wonderful contest already has a supportive community created by @thedarkhorse and hosted by @pifc. anyone can join and make sure you meet the requirement like an original content not less than 200 words with single photo. The Judges @tryskele, @viking-ventures, @trincowski and @thedarkhorse will choose the winner next week. you can win a forever upvote from @steembasicincome.

@amariwest (30)

is there any dragon ball's fan here? well you should check on his review about the new movie of Dragon Ball. Don't worry, you'll find it really cool and no spoiler too. Just Watched Dragon Ball Super Brody is one of many interesting movie review through a fan perspectives, well.. not many picture in it, because the review is about the experience on watching the movie. Hope you enjoy it like i do😉

@rakushasu (52)

I know, this author already been featuring in the pifc more than once, but you should read his post and all his thriller and creepy stories are enjoyable, and also this one too Don't Wave Back!, he really quite an author for creepy stories, not on crappy posts like me.. LOL😀 😂, the story he wrote was about a unnamed giant creature who took his brother girlfriend when they were at the cabin in a remote place. The girl was waving back to someone from the edge of the woods far away, and ... read it for yourself.. please..

All photos are not mine, I just copy it right from the sources, hope that this pay it forward post would inspire more people to help each other to grow on Steemit. Thanks to our Sponsors : @el-nailul, @stever82, @andrewharland, @bengy, @thehoneys and @thedarkhorse. Keep Steeming and Thanks for stopping by!



Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 42 is confirmed.

glad that you made it to create a post this week @dipoabasch, it must be hard to find a really amazing post lately right? because mose of the great bloggers already pass the 55 rep and the other best one already picked by curation trails... but I'd suppoerted both of your featured bloggers and you saw my comment already on the second blogger.. LOL

thanks dear.. you forgot to close the tab and I found some interesting story after seraching for few hours and I knew you like that horror story and told me before, sometimes we need to swim further deep to find the treasurer, but after all.. it's not about competition to find a pearl, it is about exposure those who potentially will be a great support for this platform. what are you doing? still have fun with the mosnters? not joining again this week?

hahahaha.. I'm still rumbling around, no matter how many times I've lost in the battle today, but I'll keep playing because I like it. well.. I think I'm gonna submit one tomorrow, I drained my VP again today.. LOL, too many interesting posts to read and the shop is so quiet lately too.. when will you come home then?

around midnight perhaps, but I hope that I can go back earlier, jut few more things to discuss.. they want us to come with them to Banda Aceh, and I don't think this is the right time for you too. just continue your gaming time.. don;t flee from the battle field.. hahaha

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Very cool entries, specially @rakushasu's story! Thanks for sharing!

I upvote you for your entry now i am visiting your featured blogs both

Whoa, I liked that story! (And I'm not a horror fan at all!) Good find!
I've supported both of your bloggers. Thanks for the entry!

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