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RE: CLOSED: Starting 2019 with a Bonus! Week 39 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

in #payitforward2 years ago (edited)

Happy New Year everyone and it's hard to find good post in the ocean while all posts are about "New Year"things.. LOL. But after 5 hours swimming and struggling (lucky that my steemmonsters things has no daily quests for few hours.. LOL) and Here is My entry

I think I'm that lucky number 3 again. Thanks and see you around peeps!


Entry #3

A couple of interesting choices, Cici! Thanks!

I visited and upvoted both of your entries into this week’s contest @cicisaja. I left you a more detailed reply on your post. Good job!

You are lucky 3. I get to be lucky 7 ... 😉

Thank you!

Thank you @roleerob 😉 we're all have lucky numbet this week I think.. because everyone is a winner

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