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RE: Week 30 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Hello there @pifc.. I'm here to help @pehteem, he is running out the rc and he asked me to submit his entry through my comment.

Here it is >> Pehteem's entry post

And.. This is my Entry >> Entry to The Pay it Forward Curation Contest : Week 30

Thanks for the support


Thank you 😊 and Noted

Thank you @pifc, Thank you @cicisaja, at least I learned about what I should do with my limited RC though.. heey, I'm going to have my 1 SBD soon and will do as you said to power up.

There is no need to wait, you can power up even small amounts. You will need to go to market and convert to Steem not use blocktrades as they take a fee for what you can do for free.

Two entries for the price of one. Looks like the sales season has arrived! 😂

Worth it I think 😂😂😂 I'll let him sneakin into my kitchen anytime though and free training fee for newbie on steemit 😂 he messed up his own rc no matter what I say. And that's what neighbour is for 😂

Damn this RC situation. Or should I call it shituation?
I have only tried to make fried bananas once, and the result was horrible. They stuck to the pan and most of it went to the garbage can. Maybe I'll give it another try.

use the traditional way... slice it then dip in a batter and deep fried, you can add any jam as topping, choco milk, chocolate paste, any jam but better with pineapple and strawberry, orange marmalade if you like, cheese. make sure you don't use the full ripe banana. heey... better roast the half ripe plantain well.. if you have charcoal is the better. punch it when it still in its peels and add the cheese or ice cream vanilla... it's fun!!

"dip in a batter"

What an amateur I am. I skipped that step completely. Doh!