I am aware of the history there, so Paycent took preorders for Mastercard before it was integrated. Mastercard for some reason delayed and they are in negotiations with Mastercard to be able to issue them, last I heard was an ETA of a few weeks from now. At the moment you can only order Union Pay International cards which work in most countries, you can also order Union Pay China cards.

I understand they will refund or replace your Mastercard with a Union Pay card if you do not wish to wait for the Mastercards to be able to be activated.

Im really happy to be a part of steem in time for communities and the first steem debit card for fiat payments Ive seen in 2019 . I am excited to see someone spend some steem after withdrawing some steemp from steem engine. it will be interesting to see people trading steem engine tokens and withdrawing to steem spending it as fiat with this debit card!

The project is about IT(information technology) where by i need to start and already i have started with little i have in my community.
So i have a vision that if me i introduce this in my community it can help me my community members and youths in my community who is idle, going in bad things, and even to help those who don't have school requirements to get something to purse in this world.
So we start small project and later will grow sorry by sorry into a big institution in our country and in our community at all.
and i need to help needy people in my community which they don't have food, clothes, school requirements, so with this project am planning to start the small am going to get from i can support other like those basic needs in their lives.

Love it steemit is being use for a positive vibe. keep up the good work.

ah hum ...
rated R for informative ... if 1% of that is true i think i'll hold my horses for another five YEAR after i get enough steem to make me an actual dollar for once ...


Very interesting. I think I’ll observe from a distance for now.

Interesting, seems the guy did get his refund in time and I doubt that post had anything to do with it. However, that must of sucked big time waiting for 10ETH refund— I have an account with them already but will proceed with caution.

Thanks and Cheers !BEER

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Which card do you have, the Union Pay?

Still waiting on the MasterCard but patience is a virtue I guess... not many cards ship to Jamaica so I’m willing to wait a bit longer. I was able to use SpectroCoin’s virtual card a year ago before they also started the BS. Seems there are issues with most crypto debit cards ever since the Visa/MasterCard debacle early 2018 (I think)

Contacted PayCent only to hear a similar story— they are delayed. I’m gonna try again after this, hopefully if they have their act together this can be huge for Steem merchants

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They don't have an ETA on mastercard, it has some compliance hurdles, Paycent is offering Union Pay International cards as replacement, email them and ask for that rather, you might be waiting long for mastercard otherwise.

They will never get MC approved.

Union Pay at least is better than nothing

This is going to allow all of the steem engine tokens to have a very nearbye debit card to use, no more having to buy BTC... so we can more easily cash out PAL, NEOIXAG, LEO, and, EOS STEEMP will be on newdex next week most likely , so eos users will soon be able to buy steemp from newdex, with eos, and deposit it into steem engine to buy any steem engine token or withdraw to steem to then spend on this debit card. We now have so many ways to use steem, I really see steem used as a serious payment system if we can get steemit inc to use a few million of their steem to provide free accounts so we can scale up, unless they have a plan to have lite accounts, because if we just had the account issue solved or a plan for it, I could see steem replacing paypal. It really is something people request from me when seeking payments, people request they are sent steem and see steem as the best way to get paid. Any other payment method either has high feed, wait times or, risk of charge backs. Steem is a very simple almost video game style payment system, as fair as the universe should be, a system aliens would even be proud to participate in.

Yeah i prefer receiving Steem to paypal any day, :) Thanks so much for your insight and support of the Paycent Steem integration.

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