Wealth is not Gender Specific

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I have a huge problem with patriarchal constructs.

Shaming a man for his financial status, simply because he is a man, is a very stupid thing to do.

These days, we have broke ladies shaming broke guys for being broke. How can you insult someone for being in the same financial status as you? I am abashed at how silly that is.

To demand that a man must be financially strong, just because he is a man, is as awful as expecting a woman to be domestic and have a high culinary skill, simply because she was born a woman.

If you choose to refuse a man's advances because he is not rich, it is okay, it is your preference and you have a right to your choice.

But, if you decide to guilt him for being broke, by calling him effeminate or a sissy, it portrays how low you perceive 'womanhood' -because that would mean- you think only women should be broke.

If you don't want your womanhood judged on the basis of your domestic and cooking abilities, then stop judging his masculinity based on the depth of his pockets.

Stop expecting men to be wealthy simply because they are men. Wealth is not gender specific. It's an individual voyage.

Grow the fuck up, and live above gender conceptualizations!

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Well you are right in a way but the standard remains that men should always take care of women,that includes financial care,and the Bible rightly says thus, a man who can't provide for wife is worst than infidel.

Standards don't make us, we make standards. Not everyone is a Christian, the Bible shouldn't be a moral compass for creating social norms.

"Standards don't make us, we make standards".

Keep it up ! nice post

Thank you

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Where in the Bible does it says men should man are supposed to provide for their wife 🤔

1 Timothy 5:8:

"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

I think it should also be pointed out that sometimes governments get in the way of this and oppress people to the point that they can't provide for their families.


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Truth be told I hate labels in their entirety. I was taught to treat everyone as if I couldn't see them and I had just met them for the first time.

"Oh, you're a non-binary fluffy unicorn?" - awesome, you're my first. Nice to meet you!

I've always valued getting to know someone first over identifying them from a distance first and then deciding whether I want to interact with them or not.

I hate judgementalism lol

Lol. We've got a lot in common then. I hate labels and judgementalism too. Lol

I have found that equality is a one way street. It only applies to the person demanding equality, the demander does not give a shit about your equality.

Yea, sadly, this is true.

Right on!! I so agree that we need to be able to fully support one another and stop tearing people down by placing judgment or socially constructed assumptions. People need to awaken to the idea that we are really pure awareness/consciousness in a mortal vessel that really has nothing to do with who we are besides giving people around us some visual clues as to how they can label us.

We are so much more than gender, so much more than social class or level of education. Love seeing these ideas shared on steemit! keep it up @udochi!

Thank you so much @coyoteom .Indeed, we are so much more than gender, social class, and level of education.

This is beautiful, this is amazing boss @udochi. You have spoken this right and I think everyone should see this. Been a man is not a landmark for been rich strong or smart, been a woman is not a reason to be weak or good in kitchen all that stuff.
Every one has equal opportunities, it all depends on how we were brought up, our culture and believes. This is a really beautiful piece.

Thank you bro. I'm glad we've got open minded people like you ready to challenge and unlearn all the nonsense we were fed by the society.

It is all slowly changing, becoming more equal in a lot of things. But you always have people that are old school in their beliefs.

Lol. Yea, we will always have narrow-minded people, unwilling to embrace new ideas. Thanks for your input.

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