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During SteemFest in Krakow last week Partiko released a new version of their application. The most interesting function that was added to the application was the possibility to send private messages to other Partiko users!

I have Partiko installed on an Android phone. In the new version of the application, you can find a function named "Chats" in the middle of the menu on the bottom. As you press this, you will see a list of all the people you follow on Steemit. This looks like any other chat program you know, for example, Messenger from Facebook or WhatsApp.

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Let us say that you would like to send a message to some other person using Partiko, you would click their name from the menu. If the person has Partiko installed, you will at once be able to send a message, and the user will receive this message directly from you in their Partiko application.

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If the user hasn't installed Partiko you will see a warning message about this in the chat window. You will also be told that any message you send them will be added as a comment to the last post of that given user.

In other words, you can send private messages to other Partiko users easily. If they do not have Partiko, the message will be added as a comment to their latest Steemit post.

Where are those private Partiko messages stored?

One question I had was where those private Partiko messages were stored. If they are stored on the blockchain they are public, meaning they are not private at all. The answer from the Partiko team to my question was as follows:

"It's stored encrypted on a third party server. We will announce more details later, please stay tuned!"

In other words, it looks as if the first real private messaging system is up and running for Steemit users. I find this to be a great improvement and look forward to hearing more about it from the Partiko team in the future. And, it would be great if the Steemit platform would implement a similar function as well, but until then, thank you to the @Partiko team for the job!

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