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RE: All the old faces are gone.

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The Cat in a Tub will not follow a pig, human. What a disgusting idea.

Turn over is common in a depressed crypto market. Many want to see fast riches rather than considering the long game as a viable option.

This Cat has been here for quite some time now. And has had a number of forms across various accounts. And in that time has built enough Steem Power to become a Cat-Dolphin hybrid.

The Cat in a Tub has a lot of fun on Steemit and, to this day, sees a lot of potential here. And if Steem fails, the Cat will quietly bow out and convert his Steem (entirely earned via blogging and trading - none bought) to Bitcoin and Fiat.

Edit: Also, the developers of Partiko have abandoned the app unfortunately. So Partiko points are now worthless.


What about a pig-robot? ;)

Jokes aside, I get what you mean, I wasn't considering long-play in the equation. Maybe because many of those I followed were developers, and I expected them going on with their projects. All I see now are dead ends and expired domains.

Partiko seems to be working fine for mex though. I wasn't that interested in points anyway.

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It’s a good app. Shame that it’s no longer supported. I used it for a long time and had quite a few points to use for upvotes.

Some people switched from Partiko to eSteem, and they are more happy, contended/satisfied with eSteem than they were with Partiko. Have you tried eSteem?

I have. It’s quite a good app and the latest update seems great.

I agree, but I have not tried the latest update so far, because I am using eSteem (eSteem Surfer 2.2.2) on PC (on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS), and the latest update is not released yet on PC, only on mobile (Android and iOS).

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