All the old faces are gone.

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So, after about two years of being mostly passive (only curating), I checked on the state of those I used fo follow. @clear, @holger80, @smcaterpillar and much more.

It's sad to see how many of them are gone.

I guess bad decisions contributed to this rate of turnover. Oh well, with 370 vested Steem Power, I doubt I'd ever stop curation.

It's just that I hope this platform isn't as dead as I'm assuming from this haphazardly done observation.

Btw follow @trufflepig, he's a machine learning fueled curation bot which is awesome.

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Steem is alive and well....I’m making more than ever from curating awesome content.

You mean the money making part. Yes, that part is okay.
But the real user engagement is another story (for the majority of the users).

Maybe... I see a lot of artists and photographers being engaged. It is wonderful.

The Cat in a Tub will not follow a pig, human. What a disgusting idea.

Turn over is common in a depressed crypto market. Many want to see fast riches rather than considering the long game as a viable option.

This Cat has been here for quite some time now. And has had a number of forms across various accounts. And in that time has built enough Steem Power to become a Cat-Dolphin hybrid.

The Cat in a Tub has a lot of fun on Steemit and, to this day, sees a lot of potential here. And if Steem fails, the Cat will quietly bow out and convert his Steem (entirely earned via blogging and trading - none bought) to Bitcoin and Fiat.

Edit: Also, the developers of Partiko have abandoned the app unfortunately. So Partiko points are now worthless.

What about a pig-robot? ;)

Jokes aside, I get what you mean, I wasn't considering long-play in the equation. Maybe because many of those I followed were developers, and I expected them going on with their projects. All I see now are dead ends and expired domains.

Partiko seems to be working fine for mex though. I wasn't that interested in points anyway.

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It’s a good app. Shame that it’s no longer supported. I used it for a long time and had quite a few points to use for upvotes.

Some people switched from Partiko to eSteem, and they are more happy, contended/satisfied with eSteem than they were with Partiko. Have you tried eSteem?

I have. It’s quite a good app and the latest update seems great.

I agree, but I have not tried the latest update so far, because I am using eSteem (eSteem Surfer 2.2.2) on PC (on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS), and the latest update is not released yet on PC, only on mobile (Android and iOS).

It is good to see that you are active again on the Steem blockchain as an author.

I am also one of the old faces on the Steem blockchain, so not everyone is gone, but the Steem blockchain is basically indeed dead in terms of real human interaction. The number of post in the first week of 2020 is 59 675, but the average number of comments is only 3.38. The second week of 2020 is even worse. The number of posts is 57 751, but the average number of comments is 2.84. The number of the daily active users is decreasing since months.

You can find more information about these things in this statistics posted by @penguinpablo: Weekly Steem Stats Report - Monday, January 20, 2020.

The problem is the fact that the majority of the Steem blockchain users are selfish and greedy. They focus and care only about their own blog posts, and they do not care about other people's blog posts. Looks like most of the users cannot use the platform naturally, like they use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The selfishness and the greed of the majority of the Steem blockchain users are ruining the Steem blockchain.

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