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RE: Start Using Partiko and Get 15 Steem Power Delegation

in #partiko4 years ago

Starting today, if you (or you know someone that) have less than 100 Steem Power (self + income delegation - outgoing delegation)

Wouldn't it be better to do just self or self + incoming and not subtract the outgoing?


No!! I'm about to delegate all my SP, and use this for chump change to use the service ^>^ I approve of this. LoL

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Haha, I mean, 100 SP gets you a solid amount of RC to be able to post well and comment(to my experience). If you are already delegated down to like 99, why not grab an extra 15 more? Just don't want parkito to fall into delegation collecting rings like steemit's faucet did, even if it's just for 5 users. 5 real users is better than 1 guy with a bot.

Ah, I didn't realize that was a thing... Scurries off to write a script for that ok, I'm rich now!! LoL. It only takes one drop to ruin the milk. Maybe one day people will be less greedy and a bit more selfless. One can hope. Damn conundrums!!

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People make things awesome(like @parkito) and others take advantage and ruin it.

I really am enjoying using the app. I wish it didn't advertise itself on all my posts and take their 10% but hey, I get it. It's advertising without venture capital. Hahahah

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I actually don't mind it. 10% could cut into a lot for me(especially this week cuz of sbi). But they gotta make money somehow and I'll take an additional line at the end of my comment or post. Barely distracts users. At least its not all up in your face or at the start. @parkito, you guys are great.

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Agreed, I'm obviously still using the app. I was a eSteem user, but now I just use eSteem for @blokz which is far less active ATM. I'll eventually get around to that project much more, but have other projects needing more attention at the moment. Like smoking this heaping pile of weed or playing one of my 9000 games.. I mean working on the website for @meandmysong and maintaining the house. Hahaha

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Lol. I didn't like esteem as it was slow, clunky and ugly. I haven't tried their new app yet, but their desktop app is nice. I do think parkito is going to be my main mobile steem app. Now, for wallet support.

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Partiko does not take beneficiary cut

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Well look at that, I swear I saw them listed as a beneficiary on previously on a post. I stand corrected. Thank you

I've got parkito to come back to and that I will. Its really amazing how much has been done for it. All at 0% beneficiary.

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Yea, thats why I love it. Any plans on doing so in the future though?

Taking beneficiary cut is not our business model. So we won't take beneficiary cut in the future either.

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5 real users is better than 1 guy with a bot

Well said, mate!

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