Unlock a Big Gift Pack from Partiko

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Hello Steemians and Partiko lovers!

We have another good news for you! We have prepared another full pack of gifts for you!

What's in the gift pack

  • 500 Partiko Points

  • 5 Steem Power delegation for life (conditions apply, see below)

  • A chance to win Partiko swags (jackets, notebooks, tote bags and pens)!

How to unlock the gift?

Two things:

  1. Click into the link and vote for partiko! https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-20k-steempower-to-for-1-year/
  2. Resteem this post


The voting contest above is to compete for a 20K delegation for one year. If Partiko wins, we will delegate 5 Steem Power to every active Partiko user who have voted for us and resteemed this post, for life!

Everyone (no conditions attached) can get 500 Partiko Points for voting for us and resteeming this post! Partiko Points can be converted into Steem token!

We will select winners from people who have voted for us and resteemed this post, and send them Partiko swags (Partiko doesn't have to win the voting contest)!

  • If more than 100 people voted for us and resteemed this post, we will select 1 winner.
  • If more than 200 people voted for us and resteemed this post, we will select 2 winners.
  • If more than 300 people voted for us and resteemed this post, we will select 3 winners.
  • If more than 400 people voted for us and resteemed this post, we will select 4 winners.

We will ship the swags as long as your address is shippable on planet earth.

When you will receive the gifts

Partiko Points and Steem Power delegation will be sent after the contest has finished and @partiko has received the 20K Steem Power delegation (if Partiko wins). The Partiko swags will be shipped within a month!

Vote @partiko for witness

Partiko is running a witness node to contribute to the Steem ecosystem. We would really appreciate your support if you could vote us for witness! Click on the link below to vote us for witness:

Vote for Partiko's witness node

Read this article if you want to vote for us but don't know how.

Install Partiko and get 3000 Points for free

And Partiko Points can be converted into Steem token!


Together, let's change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Partiko sends spam. Account replays with 'stop' to opt-out of receiving more spam. Fifteen hours later, partiko sends the same spam again.

@partiko, you should STOP the spam entirely until you can evaluate the impact this is having on your public image - or at the very least until after you can fix your opt-out process. I looked at your account on steemworld and you have dozens of downvotes just today.

It appears very likely that this illegal spamming behavior will completely destroy your reputation on Steem.

You know that Steem has a testnet, right? If you are going to release code that puts you in violation of the law in your home jurisdiction, maybe you should test the code before sending 24000 spam messages with it?

Thanks, I dont feel lonely any more !

Fixed! Thank you so much for reporting!

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Ahhh conflict of interests 🤦‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS

No worries at all! Just have fun!

Posted using Partiko Android

That’s all I ever do 😅 though I often seem serious

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hehehehe even i had the same conflict which your are in right now but never less....enjoy buddy...

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Just discovered Partiko! So far, I like it a lot!!!
Easy to switch between accounts too, with steemconnect... Recommended!

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So you are just basically buying the contest!

Bravo you set a perfect example of what not to do

I'm not native English, but I think would be better you use the word "incentive": everyone has an interest, participating in the poll... or am I wrong?

(source: google)

One thing is to "Incentive"participation, other is to incentive monetarily voting for you...

Partiko will be PAYING in tokens and delegations votes received.

I have done my part, not here to start a war just hoping they review their ways and work in a more ethical fashion and also stop the spamming.

At least remove me from their spam list.

Hey mate,

fulltimebot - with his upvotes - is PAYING you: isn’t unethical for you? 🤔

Posted using Partiko iOS

No, i am not related to him i appreciate the votes, i dont receive them to promote him or his deeds thanks for the interest.

Batman dont need payment

Just did that and it worked

Posted using Partiko iOS

Nice! Welcome to Partiko!

Posted using Partiko Android

resteem and vote done @partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

I think you have to vote on dpoll, not upvote this post.

Posted using Partiko Android

All done. Long live Partiko!

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Meine Stimme für Partiko 👍
#partikoiOS verwende ich schon sehr lange und ich liebe sie !😊
Habe @partiko als Zeuge gewählt und diesen Beitrag geresteemed!

My profile picture doesn’t change in the partiko app? Could you help with that?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hello! If you update on Steemit.com, it will usually take 24 hours before it takes effect. We are working on fixing it, and sorry about the inconvenience!

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