Partiko Partners Program Update

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Hello Partiko lovers!

The Partiko Partners Program was first announced 5 months ago, and we have onboarded 6 awesome Partiko Partners since!

Being a Partiko Partner is a great honor, but it also carries a lot of responsibilities and it's certainly not an easy job! After speaking with @alan369 recently, we have agreed that he will not continue to be a Partiko Partner anymore. We really appreciate his support in our early days, and we will always be thankful for that! To honor his early contribution, we have decided to reserve the title Partiko Partner #1 for him!

That leaves us with 5 Partiko Partners, and they are:
Partiko Partner #2 @d00k13
Partiko Partner #3 @dragraff
Partiko Partner #4 @aiyub99
Partiko Partner #5 @frankcapital
Partiko Partner #6 @sketch17

That Means We Have One Spot Left!

The Competition for Partiko Partner #7 Starts Now!

What is a Partiko Partner?

A Partiko Partner is responsible for promoting Partiko in the online community. He or she needs to be actively using Partiko and can bring more people into Partiko. In return, a Partiko Partner can get one 100% upvote per day from Partiko during the partnership.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone! As long as you are a Partiko fan and are passionate about telling everyone about Partiko!

How to Apply?

We don't know! Make a video, write a post, start a campaign or whatever you can think of to impress us! The basic rule is you need to act like one before you become one.

When is the Application Deadline?

The application deadline is two weeks from now.

Have other questions?

Leave a comment down below! We are more than happy to help you!

We can't wait to see who can become Partiko Partner #7!

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Congratulations! This post has been selected by @justyy as today's (2018-12-03) 【Good Posts】, Steem On! Reply to this message in 24 hours to get rewards. Upvote this comment to support the @dailychina and increase your future rewards! ^_^

That’s a nice competition I will try my best to win this.

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Awesome! Look forward to your work!

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I will have to do a video in the next couple of days about what it means to me being a partiko partner with some details of how I gained the title, also mention the Partnership contest in my contest 😅

Always happy to support, thank you for bringing me on board 🙏

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@Partiko I just found out about this program and have become obsessed & excited for this opportunity. I still remember you commenting on my videos to teach me about Partiko. It definitely made it easier to reply to others, so I have continued mentioning it and promoting it like on this recent video:

Can't wait to see how I can transmit my inner passion for filmmaking into a positive marketing force for this app. I feel that Partiko is a great step forward to making the Steem ecosystem user friendly. I'm sure there are plenty of users who deserve the spot, but I feel if I keep improving my thumbnail and editing game, perhaps I'll have a higher chance of joining in the future. It would definitely help me stay self-employed. I am not hindered by jobs or schedules, so I'll be sure to use the extra time to devote these next two weeks. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and may the best fit win the partnership!

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Awesome! Thanks for the video, and we look forward to seeing your contribution!

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I think @stackin would be a perfect candidate, he is the one who introduced me to Partiko.

I agree. @stackin will be pretty good for this.

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Thanks boss! I’m going to let you guys do it. I will always promote partiko 😀

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Very honourable 😎

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Let’s see what I can find who can help the partiko app 😬

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Challenge accepted 😅

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Good luck to the people applying for the spot. Partiko is definitely awesome and I just can't imagine myself being on Steemit on the phone and not using the app.

I have a question though and I am sorry if it has already been answered:

How did you come up with the name? :D

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Good question! Partiko means "paid article", because we want creativity to be rewarded:)

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Ah. Cool. Got it. Thanks for answering my question. Keep doing what you are doing guys!

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If Charles @stackin sees This I Believe He Will Step UP since he seems to be Passionate about @partiko

Partiko is the bomb! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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The best of luck for who was being as partner as we as the new 7th commer.

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I have made a Chinese version to promote this post, don’t forget to check it out😉

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