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In this world there are very many musicians, but very few truly genius musicians. One of them is Freddie Mercury with queen band.

One of his greatest works is Bohemian Raphsody. This song is very complicated, if not mysterious. From lyrics to music, it's amazing. You are like bobbing in the ocean waves. But therein lies the enjoyment of Bohemian Raphsody songs.


If we see the Bohemian Raphsody song, there are 6 parts. First: the opening part of the song. Second: ballad section. Third: Guitar Performance by Brian May. Fourth: Opera section, the most difficult and most anticipated audience part. Fifth: the Hard Rock phase, lastly: the closing section, the very slow part. From Hard Rock it drops dramatically as low as possible.

From the differences in the six parts of Bohemian Raphsody songs, it is still a harmonious unit.

This song was made by Freddie Mercury from 1968, and was completed on October 31, 1975.

In the Bohemian Raphsody song lyrics, it has unusual vocabulary, such as Scaramouch, Figaro Magnifico, and Galileo Galilei. This reflects the vast knowledge of a Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury

The greatness of the Bohemian Rhapsody song doesn't stop there. Until now no one knows, what is the meaning of the song lyrics.

Many assumptions emerged about the meaning of the Bohemian Raphsody song.

Some say, the song tells about someone being sentenced to death, he sent a letter to his mother, and told her regret, for killing someone.

Some say about the story of Galileo Galilei, who was sentenced to death because his views were at odds with the religious authorities at that time.

And some say that this song tells the personality of a Freddie Mercury, about changing sexual orientation, being bisexual.

But until now no one knows for sure, what is the true meaning of the Bohemian Raphsody song, all of the mysteries are buried along with the Death of Freddie Mercury.


Link Song

This article was made for a contest from @coingecko, but it was late, because I forgot it, and because of busyness so there was no time to write.

Thanks to @khaimi and @midun for mentioning me.

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