My Possessiveness Pt 2

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Now, it is time for part 2 of my story. If you read my part 1, I have introduced a character in there called Ms. M. This part of the story is to make you understand my impression of her. Do remember it is only my point of view on her and it is because of that view, I have this story to tell.

So, Ms. M. and I met in 2018, in the month of April when she came to work as a temp in the office I work in. She got this job through her boyfriend who is my colleague and I shall call him Mr. C. Now, during that time Ms. M and I were close because we are the only 2 female Chinese staffs in the office and our age gap is not very big. I came to like her because of her pureness, childish-like personality. I treated her like a little sister because I had none and also because she is an 18 years old girl living in a city all alone without her parents. You see, her parents are working in another country. So, she came wanting to further study in a University here. But since her in-take will not happen for a few months, she decided to work so that she would not be bored at home doing nothing.

She did not move into my house until a few months later which was around mid-July 2018. During those time where she has not move into my house I was completely blind towards her true personality and true face. Turns out, she is manipulative. She manipulated people to think that she is trust worthy, kind, innocent et cetera.

How I know this? Well, Mr. C. is my colleague. He works as a personal assistant. In that case, a personal assistant need to available for his boss’ instruction all the time so Mr. C. are not always available to spend time with Ms. M. At first, I asked her about this and she said she was okay not spending time with Mr. C., I was impressed with her thinking when I realize after she moved in with me that the reason she was okay with not spending most of her time with Mr. C. was that she went out with other guys when Mr. C. was not able accompany her.

So, cut my story short to this year March when she came home from work and told me that she resigned from her current job and got a new job with a new boss who hired her instantly without even having an interview. I know it’s just a job as a barista but every job needs an interview, even a cleaner. Her new job starts in April, which was last month. Now, she used talked about Mr. C. a lot during those time even though she went out with other guys, but when she started new job, she seldom talked about Mr. C. and stop going out with other friends and started to only spend time with her new boss, Mr. Y.

Now, for me personally, I do not care who she went out with or what she do when she goes to Mr. Y.’s house because that not my problem. But as I said in my previous post, I am a possessive person. I am also a protective person. And turns out, I am actually quite petty too. So in conclusion, as my best friend always said as well, it’s better not to mess with me. I hate people using other people or other people’s things for their own gain. I will explain more in part 3. Where everything I said here and in part 1 will make sense.

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