Bye bye my rare Tahitian green 91 crx si

in #partiko10 months ago (edited)

Had so much done to it :( owned over 7 years! Some asshole totalled it.

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My in-laws had one of these for a while. They managed to wrap theirs around a... well.... most of... a deer. And I do mean wrapped around it. Like a pop can smushes around a bike tire.

They were going to scrap it but I tole them to let me take a look. We took a couple rubber mallets and popped the roof back into shape. And the rear quarters punched back out pretty easy as well. A few hours with the hammer and dollies and the roof and rear body lines were all good again.

We hit the local wrecking yard and found a complete front clip off and identical CRX. Same color in fact. The only major damage was from the radiator support bar. It smashed into the valve cover and sheared off the mounting studs for the cover itself. After all that body work and panel replacement, they threw the towel in when they found the broken valve cover. That car was soooo close to being done. It never got back on the road, that I know of. :-(

Going to miss her :(

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