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Loves My Kitty Katties

#caturday is one of those fun tags to show off your favorite pussy! I love pussycats, almost as much as #butthugs and #boobnugs. This is Black and he's a fighter. He's a little dinged up at the moment, I'm not sure if was a dog or raccoon or opossum, but he's feeling the after effects. In a few of these, you'll see a young set of princess hands, that's some TLC from Freya. Think he enjoyed it, what about you?

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Cute human baby and cat baby :D I adore black shiny kitties !

That looks like a very happy kitty. 😊

Black seems to enjoy the attention from the princess. 💕 I see a scratch on his cute little nose. 🐱

Looks pretty comfortable, there... outdoor cats do get into all sorts of territorial scraps, though; hopefully he's not too seriously beaten up!


Look at the snares....! =) we don't rare cats here due to apartment rules...

That looks like one pretty satisfied cat...meow!

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Hi @enginewitty,

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Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

That’s certainly a black cat crossing your path, he looks to be into getting his head petted though. Just as long as the claws stay in, a playful swipe can still be quite painful!

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