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Hi @crypto.piotr,

Thank you for this comment. Your comments are always so amazing and thoughtful.

Yeah, I might have a bit abandoned my own life back then. Maybe I was really aloof of all that was happening around me back then.

My family wasn't exactly typical and had its troubles, my grandparents raised me. They took great care of my education, and so I had a gap with my classmate wisdom-wise since most of them were from regular families with parents who didn't involve themselves past the things parents usually teach their kids.

I hope that the result will pay off indeed!
Thank you so very much for dropping by.

Have fun, Djenny.


Thanks for your prompt reply @djennyfloro

Your comments are always so amazing and thoughtful.

I'm trying :) After all Im here to learn and get to know valuable people so asking questions is the best way to reach out to them :)

I hope that the result will pay off indeed!

Fingers crossed :)

I also wanted to make some suggestion.

My impression is, that the hardest part of attracting attention on STEEMIT is the fact, that our audience have very little chance to actually find our publications. Lack of solid notification system is an obvious issue. And regardless how hard I would try - there is very little chance I would find out about your new interesting publications (my feed is just flooded with to many posts).

Please allow me to share some suggestion with you. If you would ever publish content related to blockchain, crypto, artificial intelligence, psychology etc. then perhaps you could simply send me memo with link to that post.

This way not only I would have a chance to read your publication, drop a comment but I will also `upvote it right away with almost 20k SP voting power (I also have almost 10k PAL tokens, which may give you some extra benefits is you're using

Please let me know what do you think. This surely should sound like a interesting offer :))

Cheers, Piotr

Hey there :)

I do that :) I send you a memo to crypto.piotr whenever my publication is out. I post once a day either about Ark Tribe (like the last post I made) which is all about Steem & Ark Blockchain or about this (Insight of a Story). For now, I only send you in a memo about Insight of a Story, but if you prefer, I can switch to warning you about Ark Tribe publication through a memo, since it fits more your interests.

Hi @djennyfloro

you can always send me memo with link to your publication. Even if I won't read it then at least you will receive strong upvote (with some solid SP, PAL and LEO token staked).