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RE: Not dead, Project alive too!

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Greetings @crypto.piotr I live in France, and I was employed from home by a company as a translator for their blockchain-based product since extremely few translators are specialized in that field & community-communication in France.

However, my health turned bad, and they replaced me. As a handicapped person finding a new job is extremely difficult, pushing me in dire straights both for Ark Tribe project and for myself. As for the Ark Tribe Project, here's the place to go for having information:

Due to many things, Ark Tribe is going to be based on Steem & Ark (both tokens have their intrinsic aspects which are necessary for different aspects of the token.

Many people who aren't on steemit still follow my posts. Some of them at first intended to come on steem, but got a little scared by the bots, the way to make an account (need to pay was definitely a no-go too :/ and I didn't have the money to make them an account, unfortunately) and some just didn't want yet-another-account, but now that I'm fully back, I'll go for these people and try to convince them.


Hi @djennyfloro

Somehow I skipped your comment and i only had a chance to read it now.

Thx for sharing link to this introduction. "Ark Tribe" is surely a very catchy name :)