Not dead, Project alive too!

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Hello everyone,

Many people have asked me what I was doing, and if my project was alive, and if I intended to leave/pause/abandon steemit, as well as where everything was heading. Allow me to answer in this post.


So no, I'm not abandoning Steemit, Ark Tribe project, or whatever.

First of, Ark Tribe Project. Many things have happened, and I need to make a budget for it that can be more long-standing. Also, I have to "rethink" the structure of the project. I need to go by smaller steps, even if it takes more years to achieve it. The project is big, if not tremendous, and going by even smaller steps than those I envisioned is necessary. It takes time to reprogram something you had already put on rails, I won't post a half-baked update about it since it could be very misleading and bad information, that may not make it to the end-decision.

The budget necessary includes developers & artists for the prototype game. Also, Ark & Steem have equally participated in this project's advance so far, so I have to think of ways to make a place to both of these cryptos in the game. I am adamant that a template to create a shop in one's game for both Unity & Game Maker Studio is essential.

But this isn't the only aspect of the game prototype. The game must be appealing to "normies" and the assets for achieving that (arts, music, scripts, Steam costs, advertisement...) will cost a LOT of money, which is difficult to find. Both Steem and Ark made extremely significant contributions, but the game is not just about the programmatic part, and therefore the money has made the project advance, but I still need to find around 20K euros to finish it.

My own personal situation is that I lost my employment, and thus, my source of income. My health has deteriorated, and I am almost home-bound. Of course, health cost money since it's not 100% free in France like some might think. I fight against an acute pain every damn awake moment, and I can't sleep well, so of course, I'm much slower to make things go on than I was when I was healthy.

Actually, one successful post (100$) per week would go a long way to making both my project and my personal life go much better. But it just doesn't work that way. So I have to whack my brain to find another mean of income until I have a readership on steemit that can support the project through upvoting my posts.

About my writings, both Transient Battleground & Fairytale of a Kingdom will be integrated into Draticornix Idraya which is taking me a long time to, for I am triple-checking all the events to fit them properly so the story doesn't look like a bad mash-up of stories. I want the world, story, and such to be coherent so everyone can enjoy reading them.

Novel for All is also a project that's alive, the game prototype for Ark Tribe will also feature Novel For All's concept, for the story will be both in a game, and an ebook, as well as an audiobook. It takes time to properly plan this. I want those projects to be a vitrine of transparent use of crypto in apps and such, and a living job for those who participate in it.

I also need a techno-competent person to help me in this phase, and I'm pretty much still searching for someone who can spend time to look at my project, and help me with the technology part. It's definitely not easy to find, in France the technology is still rather unknown too.

But I've not been just turning in a circle. I managed to get some assets done and planned the way to make the game's assets in DAZ 3D, which will cost much less money and will only require 1 artist who can paint the textures of the objects, as I have the competencies for the rest. Most arts are in the proof-of-concept stage, I need a slight push to finalize them.

Also, I've gone to articy:draft for the workflow. It does marvels for the storyline and overall project coherency. It also allows seeing exactly what's needed for the project.

On these words, everyone, thank you for caring so much about my project & myself. I am well and about, but since I can't be up as often as I used to, I use my time to focus on regulating the problems that my job's loss has caused.

I'd like to remind you that you can join me here: it's a casual discord where people can join me / discuss together, mainly oriented toward writing, but you can always find me there.

Have Fun :)


Dear @djennyfloro

Many people have asked me what I was doing, and if my project was alive,

You're a lucky person to have so many loyal followers :)

We're all glad that you're still around. I never heard about "Ark Tribe project" so thx for sharing some info with us.

My own personal situation is that I lost my employment

That's very sad. Are you perhaps working in some bank?


Greetings @crypto.piotr I live in France, and I was employed from home by a company as a translator for their blockchain-based product since extremely few translators are specialized in that field & community-communication in France.

However, my health turned bad, and they replaced me. As a handicapped person finding a new job is extremely difficult, pushing me in dire straights both for Ark Tribe project and for myself. As for the Ark Tribe Project, here's the place to go for having information:

Due to many things, Ark Tribe is going to be based on Steem & Ark (both tokens have their intrinsic aspects which are necessary for different aspects of the token.

Many people who aren't on steemit still follow my posts. Some of them at first intended to come on steem, but got a little scared by the bots, the way to make an account (need to pay was definitely a no-go too :/ and I didn't have the money to make them an account, unfortunately) and some just didn't want yet-another-account, but now that I'm fully back, I'll go for these people and try to convince them.

Hi @djennyfloro

Somehow I skipped your comment and i only had a chance to read it now.

Thx for sharing link to this introduction. "Ark Tribe" is surely a very catchy name :)

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