A Very Cool App From The Evil Empire (Google)

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What is Parley?

Parley is a Steem-based Reddit competitor that allows users to submit links and curate news they find around the web in order to promote discussion on the Steem platform. Read more


This is pretty cool. It takes search to another level. As much as I dislike Google, they do create some cool stuff.

We now have the ability to enter in a search and have it pull the responses up from books. I played with it a little bit and it brought up some good answers.

I did how to searches which are a bit easier to find. I didnt have a chance to play with it doing some other things like the meaning of something or asking it something philosophical.

Yeah, i just heard about this .... will have to check out. So which part did Google create if it's Steem based??

The Google App is Talk-To Books.

Parley isnt google...that is an app that was created by some developer on here....that one is a cool app to...nothing to do with google thankfully.

It is a Reddit clone which I like..simple to use and easy to post on...takes seconds....but does mess up the blog feed on steemit.

@taskmaster4450 - what do you mean that it messes up the blog feed on steemit?

Like Zappl and D.tube, whatever is posted on Parley.io will end up in the your blog section on Steemit. All activity ends up there.

Thus, any autovoters are going to upvote that...which is good unless you are posting 10 a day....which is easy to do in on a linking site.

That is what I meant by messes up the blog feed.

Nothing technical, just dumps it all in there.

Ya this is very cool, thanks for sharing. It's like asking every author of every book instead fo asking all the info on the internet, which wasn't really available before. Thanks for sharing

Well I personally think this is also great as now we know exactly where to go to for our undiluted News and will be able to curate then as well.

@taskmaster4450 - Very nice post on Parley. I will definitely check it out. Hope it can be a way to get even more users on Steemit. With 200+ million users on Reddit; if we can get just a fraction of those folks to come over and try Steemit or any Steem-based product, it will be awesome.

Gonna check that out. Seems pretty cool.

Haha! How evil is that Evil Empire? He must be really bad isn't he? :)

Yeah I heard about that app like a week ago but haven't tried it yet.

Still, the more apps are developed on the steem blockchain the stronger this platform will be.


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