Is Community the Most Important Thing for Success in a Token?

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What is Parley?

Parley is a Steem-based Reddit competitor that allows users to submit links and curate news they find around the web in order to promote discussion on the Steem platform. Read more

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Loving this faucet.

I so much believe in this..
Networking and trafficking in the communities make a large area of visibility.
It give expansion with much of the areas covered

Yes ensures that trust is built up within the community. Community marketing is also important not just going out and doing paid ad promotions. Community marketing allows for organic growth and spreading news about the coin through word of mouth.

I would say yes. Community can kill a coin by having unrealistic expectations and being fanatical. I tried out electroneum and joined a discussion group. Bad idea. Anyone who has a question or concern were bashed without mercy. All they wanted to hear is to the moon and lambo. This caused many to give up on the coin and move on. 

Most coins don't have communities just pump&dumpers in for quick profit then move on to the next coin victim. Those coins that put the community first and set the right level of expectations are the ones to survive. Build the community and ensure that the technology behind the coin is rock solid with real wprld use cases and don't be fixated just on the price. The price will rise when people are confident the coin is strong and the community are in it for the long haul.

Thank you, friend, we continue to support for the benefit of all.

This is the first I have heard of @Parley, but it sounds interesting and something worth checking out. Now for the question, " Is Community the Most Important Thing for Success in a Token? I am not sure if it is the most important but community is high up on the list. I think a community that offers members a chance to earn coins or tokens and has a recognition program helps. @SteemThat has both and that community is growing. There are so many coins and tokens the market is flooded with new ones. Getting your coin or token on an exchange that allows people to convert their "earnings" to a more spendable currency is also high on the list. Then there is getting your coin or token listed on places like Coin Market Cap which as we know is not easy or cheap. I wonder if Parley would be the place to share the Superior Coin Daily Paper?

I am going to share about Kryptonia, Manna, Steemthat and SuperiorCoin on as it generates  lot of engagement. Parley has the potential to replace Reddit. Just wondering what the Steemit pluralists say about posting other peoples content on Steemit via Parley.

I think is very important, Kryptonia is one of those platform who need community. Id @isabelpena.

In every platform we need a community so that we can survive

very important!

Definitely Yes !!! Without community any coin will fail !!!

Thank you for this

I've tried parley already....

This is incredibly great

Nice one, keep it up

Thanks for this very useful information

Continue your good work

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