WaPo Tries to Blame Trump For The Racial Divide the Media Works So Hard To Create

President Trump seized on the case, too, framing it as evidence that illegal immigration is a violent threat. At a rally in West Virginia after Rivera’s arrest, Trump presented Tibbetts’s death as a cautionary tale of us vs. them.

It is not actual evidence of the danger of allowing illegal aliens to run free just the president "framing" things? It's not a cautionary tale of what happens when you turn a blind eye to illegal aliens?

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You notice how they didn't frame this either as employers but white employers.

"Many Latino families live on the farms where they work or on other land owned by their white employers."
Did they check who owns all the land these people live on?  When making statements like that in essence they are saying that a town they claim wasn't racist until her murder was thrust in the limelight really were racist who felt that it was okay for Mexicans to be there as long as they stayed in their place, that they knew their boundaries.
They also don't stop to think about farming operations like these lead Mexicans to live in substandard housing and more then likely enable farmers not to have to pay them the minimum wage if they can get away with it.


I noticed that, I was going to challenge people to count how many times they used Hispanic and Latino essentially interchangeably with "illegal aliens" or as they call illegal aliens, "immigrants".