NYT:Mob Protests in Chemnitz Show New Strength of Germany’s Far Right

Neo-Nazis are growing bolder and stronger, and they are better organized, officials and sociologists say. The far-right Alternative for Germany party is a growing power in Parliament — another shock to the system — and has started to normalize angry sentiments about immigrants that before would not have been uttered aloud, bringing them into the mainstream.

Gosh, why would someone in Germany not feel free to express an opposition to unrestricted migration? Is it only those on the "far right"(AKA Nazis) who oppose unrestricted immigration?

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The migration nowadays in Europe has become uncontrollable... these refugees do not come from war stricken land such as Syria. They are not war refugees, they are economic refugees who paid a lot of money to human smugglers so they could have better life in Europe.. the problem is they commit crimes, rape and kill the women..terrorize communities in Europe.. so we cannot blame the germans who protested in Chemnitz. After all it's the taxpayers money that is used to pay for their costs.

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I guess if you don't just stand by silently while your country is overrun you are a Nazi according to the NYT.

the Nazis were socialists. (national socialist party)
left wing.


indeed, funny how the NYT calls them the far right!


Hijacked word.
favorite tactic of the enemy of the american people.


the Ministry of Truth would be impressed.

seems like the NYT is only covering this in order to stoke fears of Nazis in general and to make comparisons to Trump

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