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RE: True #MomLife Moment: My 7 year old's Rude, Embarrassing Behavior + How I Dealt With It

in #parenting4 years ago

Wow! Yes, even my 7-year-old has days like that - though she tends to hide under the table, but she can't always do that.

You know how, back in school, there was this ONE class, every four years who were just like that?! My older cousin was in one of those years - with a much higher drop-out rate than what was normal in our community. My youngest brother was in one, one of my younger (ADHD) cousins...

Fast forward to now... yes, the class of '29 will be another of this cycle - our 7-year-olds! He will be a challenge, to be sure... but you will get through it!!!! I promise!

My older cousin was one of the bright stars of his class.
My brother didn't go to college, but began his own, very successful DJ business - and now works with some big names for sound production.
My younger cousin was the best adjusted out of a difficult family, now has kids and a job and is very much a great person! These classes weren't necessarily hard, just "different."

And someone who cares as much as you obviously do, you'll bring up a healthy, happy young man yet!

(Sorry this ended up so long - I'm a writer, what can I say?!)


No worries, I love thorough comments :) He has been much better since our chat. I hope he's realizing that his attitude affects us, as his parents.

I'm so glad he is being better.

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