Can We Talk About This?

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Kids are already over-sexualized by the media.

Do we really need drag queens reading to our children as well? And it's not like they are just reading to them, they are outright asking them, "Who wants to be a drag queen when they get older!?" And dressing like a demon? What's up with that?

Have we gone too far? What do you think about this growing trend?


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I think you are hyping shit, and using faux concern to cover your hatred of gay people.

Good job hater.

If you want to be gay cool good for you do your thing but leave the fucking children alone you sick twisted being. Planting seeds of evil deeds in the minds of the innocent children is an abomination. You don't believe in God but the punishment for corrupting the innocent is harsh. REPENT

haters going to hate...just don't pretend you are good.


100% true. Why teach pre-pubescent children, the most naive and receptive minds that sexuality is a spectrum and gender/sexuality is different things...

Why teach transgender children that there is only one way to be and that what they are is a sin? You don't give a shit about the children that aren't confined to your narrow world view.

Oh... you're a bigot. I get it now.

Tell me again about the rape the church keeps hidden?

A tip. Gender identity isn't the same thing as sexuality. I think you meant gender and sex. You just went into a debate not well educated. You just made a huge mistake.

THIS, added to schools being bad places for learning as well as your kids becoming perforated, will lead to many, many people removing their children all together from the school system.

Now, i really don't mind the dress up. I've seen everything at Ren-faires, but the dress up + the agenda is not ok.

Do you really believe this sort anti gay propaganda is actually true??

Cause I've seen it all before, they rehash the same lies, over and over and over again.

This isn't ant-gay propaganda.
Real homo-sexual men find this offensive.

Most cross-dressers are not gay. I would expect you to know this.

This is a person paid to promote deviancy in young children.

Most of these children don't even know why daddy loves mommy yet.
So, the only thing this kind of horror show is for is to destroy the minds of young children.

And i know lot of people who dress up to entertain children and approve of their actions.

Or maybe its ok in your mind to confuse little children and make a hazardous affair out of going through puberty.

Sorry, prove it, find me actual evidence of this person actually doing this for real. It's just faked propaganda, I'm sorry you fell for it but it is.

It just happen.

Believing in a non existing God, as a way of opting out of being able to think for yourself.

Also I can show you so much evidence of children being abused by straight parents and religions, that it makes your faker disgusting.

Protect your kids... Yeah right.

I can understand your frustration and anger, however, everything you said is incorrect.

Sorry, I am not that person.

The worst form of child abuse is not even talked about on this platform. It is considered normal, and very few question it.

And, may you find God/Goddess/All that is.
It is an individual journey, but it is what you are seeking for. The only thing that will fill that hole in your heart.
Meditation is a great path, but not the only path.

You call Sapphic incorrect, but you offer no evidence to support your claim. You "opinion" is null and void.

And no, a drag queen reading to a child is not the "worst type of child abuse." If you really care for children, why not talk about the transgender children abused by their parents?

You aren't some woke person. What you are is pretentious. Pretending to care about "the children" is a hoax.

I see nothing on your page promoting bettering CPS or healthy parenting techniques. All you do is bash the gays.

I'm sorry that being LGBT in public is apart of the "gay agenda." Maybe you should hide in a cave while the world progresses?

That should suit you.

Because i do not intend to tell them about myself unless they really want to know.

And, you may want to read my comments first, instead of going straight to being angry.

You have the wrong person.
You are angry at a fiction that is only in your head.

I read your comments over a couple of times, actually. I still have come to the conclusion that you're a bigot.

And not wanting to "expose yourself" online is a weak attempt at getting away from proving your point.

Also, nice. I get you a bit heated and now you want to gaslight me judging by your statement about being angry at "fiction in my head."

I know I have the right person. I have a bigot with no evidence throwing a temper tantrum online.

Look just own your bigotry ok, stop trying to hide it under "Won't someone think of the children", If you just said I don't like gay people I could respect you more.

Be honest, you don't care about the protection of children, it just you a shield for your bigotry. works like this.

the whole gay=pedo has been such a well worn path by the anti-lgbt that its is just laughable
see this link.

You see you it works like this:

  1. You make some post or whatever saying or implying that gay people are pedophiles.

Which is a fallacy of exclusion, where you attempt to focus attention gay people are assuming that pedophilia is unique to gay men ignoring the fact that it is way more common among straight men and women and occurs at a much higher frequency.

  1. Someone calls you on your bullshit
  2. You accuse them of being supporters of pedophilia as a silencing technique, I mean this is a total non sequiter, end of story poor argument
    I can and do disagree with your opinion, that does not mean I support pedophilia.
  3. Accuse person of being mean, or targeting them or being violent, the start of claims of it's just my opinions, various appeals to authority, emotional appeals, more logical fallacies...

I mean blah blah blah, do you want me to go on or do you want to slip away quietly.

I would put these drag queens to death for indoctrination of the children this is sick and has no place in the schools. Take God out of the schools and bring in the demonic LGBTP weirdos, the end is nigh. BTW the P stands for Pedophile and yes they are going to push this agenda big time.

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