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Parent to Child Video Messaging for Future Generations - WHY DON'T MORE PEOPLE DO THIS?!!

in parenting •  11 months ago

I opened the email compose screen, ready with a photo snapshot of the book Im reading; for parents @iamjamie, @kenistyles and @samstonehill. Then I thought; no wait, I'll send this "email" via Steemit, for all to see. (WhatduP Worrrrld?! ;) Share the love. I consider you all my "children". We are all both student and teacher. I "love all the people" (Bill Hicks quote) very deeply and wish all the people the very best. I am fully invested in the wellbeing of humankind, and animal kind alike. Any of you who have met me in 3D will sense this clearly in my energetic communications.


What I was gonna type, was something like this... Heyyyy I've been re-reading Celestine Prophecy, 11th Insight; using all my new found free time (coz not YouTubing) to invest in raising my vibrational field to expect the best, and attract more of that which I desire, for the good of the Universe, the Heavens, the Spirit Realm, or whatever-you-wanna-call-it. I am on Team Nature, and I know this is the best, most positive team to be on; as we all know that the good guys win in the end ;)


We join the story as the futuristic and advanced spiritual community are explaining to a new arrival how their world works; fully focused on the life process and spiritual advancement, they've advanced beyond money systems, and technology, to fully focus on self, and the spiritual life process. Tashi is a young child character in the book, and they are discussing the benefits of Tashi's upbringing in such a spiritually advanced society. I will let you read the text for yourself, you wont need me explaining it, what I do want to prequel with is the fear I know my friends mentioned above have experienced surrounding the subject of video, and filmmaking or vlogging, blogging, steemit-ing with young children who have "not given consent" (as they're too young). I find this fear-based-thinking is very foolish, especially in the light of this Celestine Prophecy page. Imagine if your parents had vlogged and blogged their entire lives; before your arrival, during your childhood, and passed this on to you after their lifetimes. This is not just a nostalgic photo album, this is a fully detailed vlog with video messages intended for the next generation. Now imagine how useful that would be to you?! How much more perspective would you have about who you are, where you come from, the context of your earthly existence, logged in video diary?! What a blessing this would be?! Now imagine your parents-parents had been vloggers, your grandparents; vlogging!!! What a wonderful sense of context you would have for your life process, to see the footsteps you follow, and hear from them, their wise words!!


Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom is DO-ing it. This idea of Parent to Child Video Messaging should be encouraged and celebrated for all our next generations, and we are the "new wave" of Steemit Bloggers on this earth plane! We are running around with light guns like olympic torches to illuminate the past for those who follow behind historically speaking. So to those people and parents who discourage film and video for children and families I ask a simple question; what are you so afraid of? What benefits could following generations be missing by you not keeping video diary records? I'll say it again, what are you so afraid of? Define the nightmare (because you'll discover it's only fear, and it ain't as bad as we think ;) The Celestine text touches on the fear of the subject of death, and how we avoid talking about it, or even acknowledging it's inevitability! What if we faced this fear, and with loving acceptance, left a video trail for your childrens-childrens-children to follow? I'll say it again, what are you so afraid of?


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Step 1. Do what u LOVE. Do what EXCITES you.
Step 2. Share with Steemit to monetize Dream$.
Step 3. Remember BOREDOM is the Enemy...
(NOT some abstract "failure")


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Hahaha.. in Lakech dear brother and now begins the new unedited truth streaming series, directly aimed at Kai and the future generations.

All is self, ever expanding, being and becoming reflections of one consciousness. Someone said more simply, the universe wanting to meet itself.. oh and for those still manifesting limitations or lack, peep this..

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real!!

Steem and stream on loved ones,

Wholeness 💚💯


Yess Brother! There is nothing to be afraid of, but the False.EVidence.Appearing.Real, itself! :P


Aaaand, this would be far more interesting for "viewers" to watch than saying hello to ever random name that walks in the door! ;) This is where many peepz tune out, before you get going. If it was more like; HI KAI... IT's DAD.... That's be mega watchable. The randoms are very low priority.

Wise words or advice would be interesting to read indeed and team nature is the way @sebcam


(not read... VIDEO)