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RE: True #MomLife Moment: My 7 year old's Rude, Embarrassing Behavior + How I Dealt With It

in #parenting4 years ago

I struggle with my niece's attitude at the moment. She has no zest for life and is so negative about everything. If a smile dawns her lips I am surprised and I never knew what my father meant when he said wipe that look off your face until I saw it on my nieces. lol. Good luck with the change in attitude. My niece is now 12, we are hoping for a change at 15 but she is a late bloomer in a lot of ways so it could be 16 lol. I was so glad I was having a boy but now I am scared about that too lol.


I still think that boys are easier than girls....haha. I mean, both genders come with their sets of struggles and difficulties, but my husband's brother has all girls - 2 of his own, 2 stepdaughters. They are all older than our boys, but gosh it seems like one of them (at least) always has some trouble and/or drama going on! :/ It's tough! It's so sad to see kids growing up negative. It really bothers me when my son gets in that mood. Hopefully he and your niece will soon outgrow it!

Fingers crossed for us both. LOL

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