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RE: A Battle of Languages-- Raising Bilingual Children

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@boxcarblue I think I know how you feel and I feel for you as most of my student's parents went through such phase. The ones I saw succeed in making their kids bilingual - btw they're Koreans, are those who live abroad.
Both parents speak English or at least tried.
They watch English videos, listen to English songs, sing a long , too - read English - in other words - they breathe the language.
Most of those who stayed in their country progressed but slower than those who went abroad be it in the Philippines, America, Canada, Australia, UK or New Zealand - they all progressed because they got exposed to people who speak it. It's also amazing that they even acquired the accents.
As for having your lil' boy on your side - you'll have to go through papa first. He has to see you both doing it - not a shrink but been watching Jojo the Nanny's back then that's what seem to work.
Your kids are still young - they have a bigger chance of learning the language. I wish you good luck. It's tough being a parent, I hope you get all the support you need to achieve your goal of making your kids bilingual.
Many studies say that kids at the age of 3 to 6 can learn 6 languages if they get the proper guidance and exposure. Your girl is just 1 and a half - let her sit in front of Charlie and Lola or My name is Ginger or The Wild Thornberries the whole day and - surely she'd speak English when she could. I hope you find the easy way and I wish your kids all the best.


@englishtchrivy: Thank you for the best wishes. I have seen a lot of children from mixed marriages in Japan grow up to be only passive bilinguals, and that is a fate I would like my children to avoid. Raising active bilingual children is a lot of work, especially when you are the only main native speaker in their life. Many people have recommended using TV and video to supplement their English exposure. I will continue to do so. Thanks again:)

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