Could Paranormal Beings Be Explained By Future Science Discoveries?

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If you look up the term 'paranormal' on Wikipedia, it says "Paranormal events are phenomena which are outside the range of human capabilities as presently understood by science." For me the words "presently understood" are what's important for the purposes of this post.

You see, there are many believers of the paranormal and probably an equal number of non-believers. Each group of people apparently has some really great arguments for and against the existence of the paranormal in any form or capacity.

I do not belong to any of those groups as I simply don't know what's true. I am someone who likes to keep an open mind while at the same time waiting for science to prove it before believing something completely.

Sometimes there exist things and phenomena that science just hasn't caught up to but eventually does and it becomes a part of the scientific knowledge. History is filled with such examples. Could that happen with paranormal beings as well?

From A Scientific Perspective


Maybe one day we will have the scientific understanding or the technological means necessary to detect and explain any paranormal events or beings like ghosts, souls or things like that.

Until then, all we can do is speculate and have discussions on it based on what we understand currently. Remember, by no means am I asserting that these things do or do not exist. I just like talking about things that really make you think.

So, let's assume for a second that there really are ghosts and souls and other forms of paranormal beings. How could we possibly explain all of that based on what we know?

Well, I usually think about this and what I always come up with is 'alternate realities'. You might have probably heard about alternate dimensions in school or some science educator online or even one of your friends.


Alternate realities can be other universes or higher dimensions within our own universe (from what I understand). These other universes or higher dimensions could have completely different set of laws of physics from what we are accustomed to. That would apply to any of their inhabitants as well.

Could it be that the things we consider as paranormal beings (or other paranormal activities) could just be a result of these other universes or higher dimensions interacting with our own?

For example, if we could go one dimension higher, we could in theory, view time as another physical dimension that we could manipulate as per our whims, going forwards and backwards in time as we wished.

What if these ghosts or souls exist in these higher dimensions too? What if there really is an afterlife and after our death, the soul goes to a higher dimension? That would explain a lot of the purported supernatural features of these beings.

If so, I think one day we may be able to get evidence of these beings if we are able to harness the ability to actually observe higher dimensions. This might be ways off into the future but I think one day science will solve this once and for all.

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haha nice post, thanks for sharing! the top photo made me think of human centipede for some reason :P


Thank you. Lol I wonder why.

Could it be that the things we consider as paranormal beings (or other paranormal activities) could just be a result of these other universes or higher dimensions interacting with our own?

yup...thin spots, gates or bleed over.
cats can see them.


Yeah, cats have been known to be highly sensitive to things we cannot perceive. I have read many stories of hauntings where cats became alert immediately or even before something of a paranormal nature occured.

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Thanks for this :)