Truely the Free-est Form of Flight - Paramotor

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Paramotor flight is simply the best form of aviation and flight in general that a person can take part in. You can fly these things nearly anywhere, in any direction, at any altitude and you have no cockpit, obstructions or any windows to get in your way. Its truly freeing to enjoy the skies this way.

It's bloody cold to fly in the Canadian winters, but its still worth it.

Just skimming above the tree tops between some old river bottoms (likely frozen swamps right now). haha

I've got miles and miles of farmland around where I live (and the rockies to my west) so a wide variety of terrain to enjoy.

These photos are taken with a insta360 one X.

Flying home here before I freeze to death, haha. :)

I hope you enjoy the sky photography


Dude, maybe its all the burnt stubble here talking, but that looks so cool.

Dude, maybe its all
The burnt stubble here talking,
But that looks so cool.

                 - mattclarke

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

haha, nice. Well, I have to agree. It is VERY VERY cool.

I went on a youtube kick on this; and there are some cool electric variants too.
What sort of range/flight time you get?

@mattclarke I can fly for 3.25hrs on a tank of gas, have a very slow beginner wing though so only fly at 30km/h (19mph) so I have a range of about 100km or 60miles. Half that if you want to get home. haha

Thinking it would be fun to take over to the holiday home. Might be a bit of a stretch to go straight across the Gulf instead of driving up and over (the long way).
50 miles is cutting it a little close ;)