Step-by-step drawing a portrait with pencils on rough cardboard

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I have to say, I do not paint portraits as often as I would like. But sometimes friends and acquaintances ask them to portray and then I get to work.

This time one friend from another city asked me to draw her from a photo. I started by taking a sheet of thick gray A3-size cardboard, preparing charcoal-tone pencils, a white pastel pencil, an eraser, and a feather.

For a start, Xia made a light sketch and perform it according to the rules of proportions. Here no visible construction lines, I erased them, leaving only the outline of the future drawing.

The beauty of charcoal pencils is that they are soft and very easy to react to the force of pressure. They can be easily shrouded, because they are similar in properties to pastel, coal or sanguine.

As soon as the main lines are finished, I start working on the main blocks of the face. At first it looks rough and angular, but let's see what happens then.

Gradually, as the light and dark areas of the drawing appear, I add details. I do not forget to squint my eyes to understand where to stroke harder and there were no errors in the tone level.

With hair most of the problems, because they need to do as much detail. In the portrait, everything should look as similar as possible to the original and drawn in detail. Here, actually, and all work. I hope you enjoyed my little post.

Grey rough cardboard, charcoal pencils, dimensions 42x31 cm


I can feel the harmony of your strokes in this work. The cross hatching for the background and the doodle and curvy lines for the hairs are superb.


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Thanks, buddy! I don't paint portraits that often, but that's just because there's never enough time.

Haha you are right. There is never enough time to finish a piece. So the saying "art is never finished, it is only abandoned"

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This is so great @yurche ! I love the hatching on every part of the portrait !!!
And because it is brown- I LOVE IT MORE!!! It is my favorite color

Thank you, @aalagenesis! I very like to draw on tinted paper

I would like to see more of your artworks! I'm really glad I followed you !!!

Thank you, same ) I draw a lot in the last time, I will try to regularly publish my work.

I will watch for that !!!

Owl watch for that !!!

I am a bot. I turn comments into owl related puns.

Oh really? Brown is your favorite color? That's rare.

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Yup. Most of my artworks are made of brown. And my psuedo name is Kulay Kahoy which means color of the wood

Now I see why you love brown.

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Потрясающий портрет!

Ох, спасибо : )

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