Fabulous birds painted in watercolor. Subtleties of work and technique

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Recently I published in my blog an article about how I drew a bird with watercolor using the method of cuts on paper. There I explained in detail the essence of the method and showed clearly how the work looks from a distance and close.

Today I would like to touch on this topic again, but in a simplified form to show how you can draw in the same manner. The result should be something like these examples. Here the drawings are quite simple, but depending on the audience can be complicated or Vice versa to simplify the process.

First, I drew a bird like this with a pencil, made cuts and made a few movements with a brush on the wet paper. I moistened the leaf on both sides to avoid twisting it.

I decided that this is not enough and created a second picture. here, too, decorative bird, but in a different perspective and a changed color scheme. The method of drawing remains the same, but the result is still a little different, because the slots are not so deep.

Try to draw in this way, everyone can, most importantly, get a safe office knife, so as not to cut yourself. Good luck in your creativity!

Paper, watercolor, dimensions 20x15 cm


Very cool works, @yurche! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, friend @trincowski! ;)

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It is interesting, the cuts... do they shape and contain the water/ paints? The birds are lovely, the colour arrangements are simple but attractive :)

Yes, the paint is spreading and filling the slots in the paper. It will be necessary to draw something more furry in the same way and show in the next publication.

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Очень красивые птицы:)

На скорую руку, для фестиваля сделал. Мне в субботу МК под открытым небом проводить : )

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