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Tuesday October 29, 2019


7 am
It is really getting cold inside.

Another day that starts with fog.

I worked on my book till 12 o'clock/noon 🥳

Washed my bloody sheet again it rains.

Big fun playing? 🤔

The youngest fed the wolves.

The bus-kid still works on its egg project.
I think (raw) Humpty Dumpty should sit in a racing car that hangs on a parachute. From ten meters throwing an egg down that should not break is not easy. A broken egg is good for a 1.

I made a cake. There was s ome gas in the bottle. If the oven is on it terrible smells after gas it really hurts my eyes.

Started answering comments.
Steemreply only works for max 2 days/times. After that I need to remove the browser to make it work again. Empty the cache does nothing.
Steemreply shows me comments I am sure about I commented them yesterday.

I cannot drink the water I bought. There is an extreme high amount of carbonic in it.

No washing dishes today.

The youngest and I intended to go to the shop but my pain increases so we stayed home.

5 pm
Dpoll - done.

Left a link at @qurator's Toss up Friday.

The gasheather is on. Suddenly it's winter.

Sofar I did not post today anywhere.

The bus-kid makes some soup. We ate/finished the cake already.

Been short on socializing. Just posted a short message about the car its brake cylinder, plus answered someone who asked if the address he gave me helped me further.

7 pm
Checked the German freewrite there is no prompt.

Wrote a German / English freewrite with the English prompt given by @mariannewest.

The connection is slow I have a hard time posting it.

Das Wissenschaftsprojekt (D)/ The science project (E)

8:48 pm
Posted No food on the table. via Appics.
Commented/upvoted several Appics posts.

Posted Diary Day #46 - October 27, 2019
A foggy day via @actifit.

Read some freewrites and recommended a freewrite.

Noted again comments of mine are not posted by @partiko! 😭😭

Tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

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My Diary Days

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Diary Day #43 - October 25, 2019
Editing on

Diary Day #46 - October 28, 2019
A foggy day

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