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RE: Cambridge Meetup - Sunday 15th September 1:00 PM is a Go Go Go!

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Fantastic great to see the meetups spreading. The flying pig man is that place still open? This i was last in there ogg '97. Nice to see pictures of Cambridge it sure been a while since I was there 💯🐒


Come along and meet some new people. The Flying Pig is still rocking!

It will be fun they said! 😂😂👍

Would love too but its too far and trains are to expensive 💯🐒

Not to worry. Maybe you could do a meet up near you? 👍🙌☕

Definitely sounds like a plan, it needs to be arranged 💯🐒

Cool let me know when you plan to have one and let @steemclub-uk know as well for more exposure.

Will be sure to 💯🐒