SEEKING Advice on how to help an old friend who was victimized in an ADT contract scam...

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She was my Sunday School teacher when I was a child, a lovely little older lady in her 70's. She had an ADT contract for 3 years and 3 months, now she is getting "lawyer letters" asking for $2,077 to fulfill the contract which she tried to cancel...
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Furthermore, she said the system never worked but she paid faithfully. Presumably, she did her 3 years and cancelled. Standard contract length, from what I gather. All I have so far is to call AARP for more info, they have a senior watch division which will point me in the right direction, I hope. That is pretty much all I have at this point, I was asked by our minister to see what I could find out to help.

This is the kind of lady that would take in a pregnant stray cat, and find homes for all the kittens. Or Doggos, w/e needed help or attention. She was never married, lived with her mother and bought her own house for them to live in. Makes it on a modest "K-Mart" pension which is likely the only place she was ever employed.

If anyone knows anything about what I can do, please make a reply and hopefully I can get this started. I have not found a specific class action or other legal movement, but I hope there is a group that can help her out. It's my job to find it 😎

PS: ADT might not be the perps in this scam, but since they are the beneficiaries of the funds, they should help to end the fraud and relieve the financial burdens on those who were cheated. Just my Humble Opinion...

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When it comes to cheating the elderly local news channels love to do stories, well known companies don't like to get caught up into negative publicity. Call a local news channel.

I do not know much about these things. I can just imagine how this situation can distress anyone, much more an elderly person. You have a big heat, @underground, for trying to help resolve her problem. I will pray that this situation will be corrected and for your friend to be relieved of the stress and be spared the trauma that events like this can cause.

🙏📿 I believe you have God's ear...
TY @SS888 💖

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