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I was reading an article the other day and came across a comment that I found interesting.

Basically, the individual was questioning whether Steem-Engine and the creation of all these tokens took away from STEEM. I presume this person viewed the newer tokens as competition for STEEM and caused people to dump them.

This is not the case. Here I will spell out all the benefits of Steem-Engine to the Steem ecosystem and how it should enhance the price of STEEM over time.

Smart Contracts

The ability to create tokens came about because of the Smart Contract technology that was added via a new sidechain. This enhances the capabilities of the Steem ecosystem since there are uses for Smart Contracts in the blockchain world.

Steem is a specialized blockchain operating without them. This works well for the intended purposes yet is rather limiting. Because of this addition, Steem can now attract those projects that do not fit into the SMT model. In other words, we can appeal a wider group of developers.

Steem Transactions

Each Steem-Engine transaction is registered on the Steem blockchain. This is done using Custom JSON which is sent to the blockchain. Since these are instructions that are not applicable to the Steem coding, it ignores them. Yet, the transactions are all registered.

This means that every account using Steem-Engine requires some SP. Each transaction has a minimal cost in terms of Resource Credits. It is not much and will not alter the landscape on its own.

However, what if there is a trader (or trading entity) that is conducting millions of trades a day. To view another way, consider the idea of a popular application being developed with lots of followers. That means there will be a lot of activity surrounding that token. All of that ends up on the Steem blockchain, hence using Resource Credits. Ultimately, the more people who find Steem-Engine, the more SP is required.

Security Tokens

By adding the ability to have NFTs, Steem-Engine opens itself up to the entire Security Token world. Projects can be created on there using a NFT to represent a physical asset. This asset can then be sold in fractional units using another token that is available to the public.

This is a huge step forward. The cryptocurrency industry is just getting started with security tokens. It is an area that was discussed yet little action taken. One of the big reasons is this realm is dominated by the established system i.e. Wall Street. They were not exactly quick to jump on the bandwagon.

What all this means is that Steem-Engine is moving towards being a full service exchange similar to the larger ones. In fact, since tokenization is the same process no matter what the asset, stock, bonds, and commodities can all be traded in the same place. Whether Steem-Engine ever enters that realm is unclear yet the possibility does exist.

Token Value

Have you ever heard this question: What is it worth?

Or perhaps the "What can you do with the token?".

We know that talking to people who are not into cryptocurrency is a touchy situation. The lack of understanding is great since we are dealing with something so foreign to what people are accustomed to. This opens us up to many questions that are difficult to answer.

Steem-Engine provides that answer now. The tokens are on an open market that is establishing a price each day. They can be traded for other tokens and even moved out for STEEM. This, ultimately, could be maneuvered intp fiat with a few steps.

While STEEM is not easy to convert to fiat, it can be done (it is also getting easier).

Locks Up STEEM

Steem-Engine is now a Whale according to @aggroed. He stated that it now has more than 500K worth of STEEM locked up. Since those tokens are associated with the peg, they are held until someone decides to move their holding off Steem-Engine and back into STEEM.

Each time someone moves STEEM onto that platform, it is locked up until someone decides to withdraw. Obviously, with people getting involved in other tokens, some for the long-haul, this could really impact the free float of STEEM. Instead of 500K, picture there being 5M STEEM on that exchange.

Unlike other exchanges, this STEEM cannot be dumped onto the open market for another token such as Bitcoin.

All Pairs Are In STEEM

This is tied to the last idea.

Each token on Steem-Engine is paired with STEEM. The exchange does not operate in USD, BTC, or any other currency. The default currency is STEEM. This is what everything is priced in and converted to. Presently, if one wants to go from one token to another, a move through STEEM is required.

This is a vital part of the transformation of Steem. The reason I believe this is since we are all conditioned to think in our native fiat currency. We look at a token in terms of the value in fiat. This will change that conditioning somewhat.

By having everything tied to STEEM, that makes us consider the value of something in STEEM. With all transactions of money, there is an opportunity cost. When we buy something, we are opting to pass on something else.

Since we are being rewarded in STEEM (either SBD or SP), we need to figure out what we do with it. Also, the purchases we made, other tokens, how are they performing in terms of the STEEM we put into them.

This is a new way of thinking since most of us operate in some type of fiat. We are paid in it, hence that is what our bank accounts have. When we pay a bill, we send them fiat. Thus, a $100 electric bill is easy to recognize as being on the high side if our usual is $60.

We now are seeing the ability to gauge other tokens in the same manner. What is now .98 STEEM was .75 a couple weeks ago. This mean the token is priced higher than before. That is good if one is hodling it however it might be bad if trying to buy it.

These are some of the benefits that I see to Steem-Engine and what it provides to the blockchain. This is not competition for the token STEEM or anything that is on the blockchain. I am equally excited to see Smart Media Tokens developed since I feel they will also be an asset to this platform.

Here is where the old idea of competition does not apply to a cooperative. Steem-Engine is making STEEM more valuable. It enhances the entire ecosystem. We are in a cooperative where everyone holding STEEM (SP or SBD) has a vested interest.

Steem-Engine locked up 500K STEEM to back its pegged token. I presume this number is only growing as more people add STEEM to purchase other tokens of interest. This is a major step in a system where the token is bleeding via the open selling.

Over the next few months, we could easily see that number double. Projects keep emerging that excite people. Hence, I see more individuals moving a portion of their STEEM over to Steem-Engine in an effort to diversify into other things.

Finally, when SMTs do come out, you can bet the ranch they will be listed on Steem-Engine, providing people with another way to acquire them.

This is truly a big step into the world of crypto-to-crypto transactions. It is a big turning point when people can enhance their wealth in crypto not by adding more fiat but by purchasing using crypto received.

It is at this time where a viable alternative to the present system exists.

And oh what a day it will be.

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It needs to take off

Dear @taskmaster4450, very interesting post and i was already curious about the interconnection between Steem and Steem-engine tokens and i realize that value of Steem Is depending on world Wide Coin market cap and other coins in steem-engine are Just for Steem blockchain, so thats why Steem Is loosing value but steem-engine not that much...

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Steem Engine is the best development I've seen in STEEM in the year I'm here.
Is adding value to this blockchain every day and we need to have in count the difficult moment for the altcoins is shining in.

I agree. I also think it will be a wonderful compliment to SMTs when they are released.

The amount of value that can be created on SE is astounding. We are only at the beginning of the creativity curve. People are going to come up with some truly incredible things on there over the next couple years.

We cannot even fathom some of what will be available down the road. It is going to be fun.

Thank you so much for that. I was musing on a post yesterday about how Steem Engine affected Steem's economics and you just answered a number of my questions.
I use Steem engine daily to trade and play and it really changes your mindset as you said as I compare token prices to Steem as opposed to Fiat.
Thanks again Tasky and have a great weekend :-)

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Wow, I really loved this post @taskmaster4450 , Bravo!! Awesome explanation of the economics of Steem-engine / steem and the whole ecosystem! it can all be quite mind boggling at times and overwhelming these days with all the new Tokens and Tribes on the blockchain which im currently Staking all tokens I recieve from 6 different Tribes and have posted daily about it here on Steemleo! The opportunities for investing are amazing, and im happy to be a part of it all!!
Go Steem-Engine and STEEM , Woot Woot! Upped 100% and Resteemed🙋👍😎

It is great that you keep posting on Steemleo...another community with some terrific potential.


Yes for sure, I love to use that tag at least when I can! I gave you an awesome mention and linked your post in my 3 year Birthday post I just put up today! Keep up the great work @taskmaster4450 ! 👍👍👍♥️

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Damn, what a post.

Im a fan of anything that using STEEM and i think steem-engine will continue to grow. I only wonder what plans aggroed has fror when SMTs are launched but he's a smart guy and im sure he'll come out with something amazing.

Great post, was a good read, thank you

I believe he mentioned that they are going to be listed on Steem Engine which makes total sense. There is no reason not to have them also on SE.

What it does is it enables people who are earning SE based tokens to use them in SMTs without having to go off the SE platform.

Now that you mention that, ive heard that before. Not sure if he told me are i read it somewhere. Thanks for the information man. SMT's are gonna be fun, i looking forward to it :)

Excellent report article on steem engine. Thanks

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with Steem engine i see we can engage and connect with more people, this will help the social aspect of the blockchain in ways so damned bigger that i only can put to work and being part of.

I first heard about about Security tokens and their potential through Ian Balina Youtube video.

He explained how it is agame changer just the same way ICOs were in 2017, the people who got in first benefited way a lot...!!

This is truly a big step into the world of crypto-to-crypto transactions. It is a big turning point when people can enhance their wealth in crypto not by adding more fiat but by purchasing using crypto received.

I have to admit that most of the crypto I had came from Steem and it is exciting seeing another avenue to make Steem come out on Steem Engine.

I already enough Sports and AFIT stacked up and it will help me buy some of those security tokens and the upcoming tokens from SMTs that will be added to Steem Engine.

The future is bright folks.

While I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency since the early days of bitcoin (maybe earlier if you count egold and the like), smart contracts and other more recent innovations are things I’m just starting to dive into. Articles like this help me learn the nuances more quickly! Thank you for posting it!

I am still here, still standing strong for steem. Steem is coming back to life no matter what.

This is a great description of the steem engine and their tokens. I was always concerned about steem engine tokens paired with fiat or other Cryptos. But if they plan to pair it with steem alone forever then it will always be beneficial.

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I see it neutral. The issue is, like with shitcoins in the last years, most users are unable to distinguish between shittokens and those of value. 99% of the new tokens are useless and unneccesary at best and harmful at worst.
Those tokens are a distraction that will go away by itself with time.

Well said, resteemed. More people need to read this

Posted using Partiko iOS

These are very good points! I would like to see maybe some categories on Steem-Engine to make it a little easier to filter through all the tokens listed.

Every new token is just another use case for Steem. If the token really takes off and latches to another chain or makes its own chain, Steem is a mommy! This can't be a bad thing for Steem.

You've raised some truly valid points, certainly hope this is the case with everything that's going on with steem-engine and the multitude of new Steem tokens.

There is that cheap vibe I get when seeing how this totalSupply could be divided into an infinity of totalSupplies, but as you mentioned, there are definitely positives about it, those projects may bring extra value and revive the network, maybe it will truly function as an engine for the Steem machine.

Still, wishing there was a clearer way to separate the good value from the junk, and that it was all made in good taste, but it is indeed very early, hopefully Steem will mature nicely in the upcoming years.

Interesting read, thanks!


hi, tareamaster
I have other wallets, but steemengine, it facilitates many things and the interaction with stemit is great:

Wonderful article... It says all the needs to be said. I will share this article with the universe and the blockchain ecosystem.

If anything steem would be like $0.20 without steem-engine right now. So you should say thank you instead of complaining (to those who are complaining lol) Sad most people don't understand basic investing and understanding of how supply/ demand and value holding works.

The more I understand and witness the impact steemengine is having the more I think I should invest in ENG, don't you think?

Applause and udos for you for writing out the economics of this which us 'simple' users dont even really think about!

For me it is a cool savings potential and an option to use different tokens and maybe even make an extra buck out of it, but the bigger picture you just threw it out there!!

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