Have You Heard Of PepCoin?

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Until this afternoon I hadn't been aware of any program involving PepsiCo offering a so-called PepCoin. At first I thought it was something to do with cryptocurrency since it ended in 'Coin'

Turns out it is just a cash back or loyalty program that rewards customers with a 10% refund deposited to either a paypal or venmo account.


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This bag of chips caught my eye while I was working today and I had to check it out. Upon further investigation the PepCoin program applies to over 70 Pepsi and FritoLay products.

If you purchase any Pepsi product and FritoLay product within 48 hours of each other you will be rewarded with the 10% refund after entereing the codes in your account, which you will create on PepCoin.com

You can withdraw your rewards after earning a minimum of $2

The Lays potato chips I saw were $1.89 and a 20 oz. Pepsi was $1.69 so each pair purchased would earn you .35ish cents. Not anything to get rich off of, but if you regularly consume these products, you may as well be earning rewards from using them.

What struck me was how soon will all products be monetized this way, and why not reward users with crypto instead of fiat??? I think it won't be long.


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Thank you! Here's one toward 15k :)

Man I got super excited. Welp, it is only a matter of time. There'll be cokecoin, fantacoin and everythingcoin. Loving the new world order

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It is decidedly so

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Umm! Very interesting. So the trend of trying to engage consumers by giving back some coins or rewards is going to spread!
But i don’t like this idea of persuading people to consume more than necessary! They will all put on weight! Hahaha!

Have a good day!

Time to stock up on the Dew!!!

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That is very good marketing and you are so right that it won't be long, great job tamaralovelace! I guess the hardfork hasn't slowed you down any!

Thanks @janton! I foresee many, many things being monetized and tokenized, much as our time and attention are here.

I agree, now we just need to know which ones to start hoarding!

Hi! Thanks so much for your support and visit to my post!

Hope you are well! Where is your new post?!

Where is your new post?!

Wowwww my friend told me they would start doing that! Didn’t know it would be so soon! Good post dude