If Steemit can't do it, might as well do it yourself.

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Hi guys,


It's been a while since I sat down to hammer out a proper post. I'm sure many of you have been feeling the same way about the platform, where "what's the point, really" is the main thought.

Just over two years ago, I discovered Steem through an @andrarchy YouTube video in a search for Keto Flu, I went back to see what his next video said, and it was all about Steemit. I looked, I joined, and I encouraged @isaria to sign up after my intro post received $36-ish in upvotes.

I was certain I had found the magic site.

And it was.. For a while.

I quickly discovered @minnowsupport, and jumped in the day it was launched.

Honestly, the way the last year has gone, had I not had that community, where I've been a moderator of the Discord group, I probably would have left Steem a long time ago.

For a few months to a year, we've been discussing how to evolve MSP. No real answers were had, and (Well, I) felt like I was just spinning my wheels. I checked out Whaleshares, and found that to be a nice fit and have been transitioning there for 3 months or so.

Then, something happened.

Scotbot was introduced to us, and it seemed that this may be the wind of change we needed.

For the past several weeks, the MSP mods and witnesses have been having extremely long meetings and think-tank sessions. We argued, we suggested stuff, and finally, we voted. And during that time, I started to feel like the Steem blockchain can be a place that I can be proud of again.

Palnet.io was born - Check the post https://www.palnet.io/minnowsupport/@minnowsupport/palcoin-launch-a-revised-whitepaper-and-token-launch-by-the-minnow-support-project

Our goal was try our damnedest to keep people on the platform, or bring them back to the fold. I think Palnet may be that answer.

So, thank you to those that continue to grind, thanks to those that pointed out the issues and kept the fire burning. My hope is this is the spark to ignite imagination, creativity, and community once again.

Feel free to stop by the @minnowsupport Discord if you have any questions about the claim or staking your tokens. We're just launching, there may be some little issues, and we will get to see what fixes can be made in a timely fashion.


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I think my favorite part of this project so far is the fact that I get to stake mining coins. That is where I will be spending my steem as I get more. I already bought 1 PALMM and 1 PALM. Hope to get more soon.

Yeah buddy, I think I have experienced the same emotional journey.

I left steemit and returned recently to find the same inequality issues, so this is a great initiative 🙏🏽

Found the site through the new token you are launching and it looks rather interesting. Look forward to PAL!

I have used minnowsupport project a bit but now I am going to have to really start digging into it. Consider this my weekend project lol

Good to be here Shane much success to the new project and will do what I can to help out

It is pretty impressive what you and minnowsupport have been able to accomplish. The coolest thing to me is when it was started there were not any promises of riches, etc. It was just “hey! Let’s hang out and do this together”. Now look at you guys. Congratulations.

It can be very good if the curation is promoted by the "whales" (people with 30,000 PAL for example), but I am talking about every locale project to attract international people, French, Japanese, Chinese,...
Some comments at 22 PAL are not a good thing , it's only the beginning and I already saw some of them.
Good continuation to this project!

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I hope that Mr @aggroed's work can give us back the hope we once had in this platform. I am as active as I can on Steem and on Whaleshares, but my time online is limited.

I was never active on Discord, but I have followed MSP work from the distance... so far I think you're doing a terrific job, thus I will giving palnet.io a try. Hopefully, the wisdom we have gathered from these few past years can help us create a wonderful platform for the amazing community we have here.

Best regards.

Such a drastic evolve-ment, that was much needed. Ooh and luck (can be redefined) hoping into a project at a launch time when looking for a chance to make a change.

I have high hopes on this Pal Project.

Big kudos to minnowsupport to execute palnet so smoothly, or atleast they made it look like that.
Very stoked and I believe it has a huge potential to round up everybody once again!
Reading this on palnet and I must say I like it so far

Awesome, I´m excited for the new PAL revolution 😍. This is new blood to the system