Entry for the Art Explosion Week 66- "Self Portrait in the steapunk style"

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Hello! Today I want to show you my entry for the Art Explosion Week 66.The theme this week is INTRODUCEYOURSELF ART what needs to show something about me.
I very like steampunk and fantasy.
I drawed self portrait with steampunk goggles.
Also I supplemented my hair with octopus tentacles and mechanic gears.
Photos of the drawing process:

Thank you for watching!


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Awesome artwork...I love steempunk stuff

You are welcome

Such a cool portrait of yourself in the themes of steampunk, @sweettais :D I love the goggles that you are wearing here as I often see them in your photos that accompany your posts :) Very nice picture !

Good luck with the ART EXPLOSION :)

Thank you so much! :)

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