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Today's post will contain a little snark and a little "insider" info...although by "insider" what I mean is that I have subscriptions to Mountain Guerilla, Forward Observer, Global Guerilla, and Oath Keepers. Since the first three are paid subscriptions, I won't share everything in their posts.

You may choose what you like from Column A and from Column B...egg roll and 1 cup of bat soup are free. Keep in mind that these are unverified sources, but that then again, that they are not Ministry of Truth outlets, either.


Trump is declaring a national emergency...could it be due to this plea from Oath Keepers?

We speak to you as military, police, fire-fighters, EMS, and other first responders who are committed to preserving our Constitution and to preserving the lives of the American people. We urge you to be proactive, rather than reactive (as respected UK epidemiologist Dr. John Campbell has been urging for weeks). We urge you to look at Italy to see what is coming. Recognize that this is a highly contagious, airborne virus that is a threat to the life of every American, that WILL overwhelm existing emergency medical services and hospitals, just as it did in Italy.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Oath Keepers presented evidence that the virus is transmitted airborne as well.

Oh, well...


Guy on 4chan goes shopping masked and gloved, and reports that the reaction from the public was suspicious and hostile. Good Lord, I do need to write a post on how fucking STUPID the average person is. Of course, that could have been because 4chan posters are autisically anti-social to begin with ;> [Edit: My brother just got back from the store, which he reports as packed. He also states that a few shoppers were wearing masks]


The truly laughable action from a couple of days ago was Trump cutting the Eurotrash off...not that it wasn't a valid action (it looks like infection central is now Italy), but that the same democong running around demanding that Trump and Sanders rallies should be shut down for "public health" reasons, and that Quid Pro Joe doesn't need to display his anueristic brain farts in front of a live audience, , now that their own kickback has been threatened, have started shrieking TYRANT! ROFL

Because it really does lead into a discussion about how truly bad globalization is, doesn't it? Not just that an emergency in China had such a bad effect on our stock market, but that a ridiculous amount of critical infrastructure supply (medical equipment, to be precise), is stovepiped in China.

On the other hand, I'll just point out this continues the democong tradition of choosing foreigners over Americans.


John Robb, from Global Guerilla, may explain some of Trump's statements and reactions to the crisis, which for me had been confusing up until the EU ban.

It was clear at the time Trump tweeted this that it:

  • Was a disruption aimed at the establishment opposition. It overloaded them. Made it impossible to discuss specifics with him.
  • It’s similar to a negotiating tactic that Trump frequently uses. Take an extreme/crazy position so that when you shift to something more reasonable, the opponent readily agrees (because, at least now, it’s not crazy anymore).
  • Since it was a disruptive negotiating tactic, it wouldn’t last. Trump would reverse his stance, and he did with the EU ban.

Wait, did Trump reverse the EU ban? I'm not seeing that on my scopes. I hope not, we don't need Europe. It's nice to trade, but not at our own expense. Of course, that's a digression I'm not in the mood to go into past this: Fuck globalization, and fuck the political class getting rich off the kickback from American money bled out to foreign countries.

Sam Culper from Forward Observer runs a daily intel report; he usually has a coronavirus update. His focus is more on the economic impact of the epidemic, butyesterday had this to report on the estimated reach of the epidemic:

Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician for the U.S. Senate, warned senators on Tuesday that anywhere from 70 to 150 million Americans will contract COVID-19.

To put this into perspective, according to the American Hospital Association, there are 36 million hospital admissions in the U.S. each year. If 20 percent of all COVID-19 patients require hospitalization, then there could be 14-30 million extra hospital admissions. Now, China reports that about 15 percent of patients require hospitalization, but Italy says that 50 percent of COVID-19 patients have required hospitalization! If we see anywhere near that range, there's simply not going to be enough room or staff to treat that many people.

Sam suggests A Brief Q&A on COVID-19 Preparations

I have been fairly uncertain about how much of a threat this epidemic was going to be. At first, I was certain it was DOOMSDAY with a capital D (partly b/c the media was hushing it up and downplaying it as it raged in China); then I hedged about it as a nothingburger as cases began in American (again, partly b/c the media was using it as an attack vector on trump, and partly because the media are fear-mongers WHENEVER it doesn't cross the Narrative).

John Mosby, from Mountain Guerilla, (also see his books, which I recommend), has this to say:

I’ve never—in almost a decade of writing the Mountain Guerrilla Blog—jumped on the worry wagon. I was one of those who pointed out—accurately—that Jade Helm was simply a typical training exercise. I’m the guy who pointed out—in books, for posterity, no less—that seeing armored vehicles and tanks transported CONUS, on rail cars, is not a sign of coming martial law, but is simply the way the military transports shit stateside. I’m hardly a model of prepper paranoia.

So, when I say that I’m concerned—not scared, not worried, but concerned—about COVID-19, there must be a reason, right?

He also points out that nobody is defining what "recovered" means in this case; I'll add that we are seeing "recovered" people come down with the virus again.

Mosby suggests that perhaps the admin is looking at HUMINT coming out of China, and comparing it against the known propensity of Chinese lies, and is seriously worried:

that has them far more concerned than they are—or can, unless they actually want to cause mass hysteria in the population—and I suspect that it pretty clearly shows that the Chinese lied their asses off.

While he has other points of argument, I wanted to address this one:

  1. I’ve heard from several HUMINT sources, in several different states, who work in hospitals, that their hospitals are initiating specific precautionary measures, including full PPE for ALL patient contacts, and testing ANYONE—patient, guest, or employee—for fever or other symptoms, before letting them through the doors. Hell, I’ve never seen a doctor or nurse do more than MAYBE put on a mask and gloves before seeing a suspected flu patient…

I've used Ace of Spades before for a number of sources, and an unverified source (post commenter) from Austin (my hometown) says that he was informed (secondhand source, unverified as well ) that Austin has 15 unreported cases here. I find the concept quite believable as it was Kansas City (I think) that went from zero unreported cases to 6 cases and one death overnight.


Just got off the phone with a friend of mine in which I explained the following to her, and wanted to reiterate three points about the media

  • They are lying bastards
  • They are partisan hacks in the democong/deep state camp
  • as long as the Narrative required by the above points is not contradicted, then they are fear-mongers by profession (if it bleeds, it leads)

As long as you can fight through the bullshit, 4 chan /pol CVG - corona virus general threads can be informational. There are Patreon links for Robb and Mosby above, and Foward Observer has a yearly subscription (I have no affiliate links with these suppliers of intel). Oath Keepers has an email service, which echoes the content of their site.

You'll note that this is more of a post on politics than it is on surviving the epidemic. Those posts are on my feed.

It is, pretty much tho, up to YOU to keep track of what's going on...

I'll give Mosby the last word...

Am I being a paranoid fuckface, and worried over what is essentially a non-issue? Maybe. I’d love it, if in three months, you’re all coming on here going, “John, you fucking idiot! Hahahahaha!” But, I genuinely don’t think that’s going to happen.

I suspect this is going to get ugly. It’s going to get even uglier than it might, because a whole lot of “preppers” are still shoving their heads in the sand, saying, “It’s just the flu, bro! Don’t be so paranoid! Nothing happened last time, with H1N1!”

You know what else didn’t happen with H1N1? The fucking feds didn’t start a White House Task Force to combat it. They didn’t pass an emergency spending bill for $8.3 BILLION to combat it. We didn’t shut down travel from a major trading partner country for the indefinite future to combat it. First world nations didn’t have 61% of confirmed cases requiring hospitalization to treat it. There weren’t 100,000 confirmed cases, internationally, in like the first three months.

So, yeah, I’m taking this serious.


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dern, I knew i should have saved that /kommando meme with batman in full operator gear


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