Gym Progress 8/16/19: A week off

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I took a week off due to insomnia. Broke keto for two days, too.


Today: Weight 218 : Time 1:15 hr:min

  • Deadlifts Smith
    155 @ 8,10,(12)
    (X) represents a set where I had to stop and take a break to finish; ((X)) would mean I needed two breaks.
    I had planned to move to free weights but 2/3 racks were in use, and there were no locks for the third bar; crap was all over the place at the gym today, a point I'll return to

  • Cable Hip Abduction
    17.5 @ (10), (10) & 4

  • Bench Press
    95 @ 8 & ((12))
    105 @ ((8))

  • Barbell Row
    50 @ 8,10, & 12
    I'm sure the form was wrong; first run at these

  • Barbell Curls
    50 @ 5,5 & 4

  • Dumbbell Overhead Press
    20 @ 10
    22.5 @ 10 & 12

  • Cable Triceps Pulldown
    42.5 @ (8)
    37.5 @ (6)
    32.5 @ (8)
    I don't know WTF happened here

  • Inclined Bench Situps w/ Medicine Ball (Setting 2)
    6.6 @ 9, 6 & 7


Skipped both HIT and cooldown. My foot was cramping and I was short-tempered. People next to me were annoying me just be being there LOL. Equipment I needed was all over the place, not where it was supposed to be, and somebody had hacked a goober on the floor in front of the Smith machine.

This was funny in hindsight because I left for the gym in high spirits LOL, even after some El Tardo cut me off and made me hit a red light

I've talked before about knowing what makes you hold back in the gym, and it's one of the areas I have the hardest time getting past ;>

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