For @lucylin, indexes of past IW posting

in #palnet4 years ago

I'm assuming you wanted #informationwar writing...
(from 8 months ago back a month from then)

sooo, it missed these posts:

one of my favorites

and one (IMHO) of the more important ones

and this one, with it's own index of OSINT on bias in the Mueller team

this one links back to other's writing on The Prisoner/IW writing contest

there are a buttload of Not-Quite-theMinistry-of-Truth-News that I didn't index here, as well as notes for the IW Discord meetings...

and finally, the index for the most important posts (this index was two years ago, by Steemit's count)

It's funny that you asked for this, because I had insomnia last night, and had spent some time reading my old posts ;>


Nope, you're assuming

I wanted the link to the place where you can download all your own posts. lolol

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