6x Giveaways Today! (SBI Share Awards!!)

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Opening Remarks - Team Projects

We have two new awesome project that we recently launched @steemexplorers and @givememonsters.

Steemexplorers is a discord server that serves as a database containing free and easy to use information on a wealth of services and communities on the Steem blockchain. Stop by and find some things to help yourselves grow. We also have FREE upvote bots there. The steemexplorers upvote bot has loads of staked coins for almost every Steem-Engine tribe for added curation benefits and is free to use right through our discord channel at the link below. How can you argue with free votes across all platforms?! Come visit us today.

@givememonsters is a Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) upvoting bot in which you can pay 1-10 DEC (which most people get for free from playing or by burning cards even one common Steem Monsters card) and you can use those for up to a $0.02 upvote on Steemit AND loans of free Steem-engine tribe token upvotes. You can use this service by sending your DEC to @givememonsters on the Steem-Engine exchange. Our bot is offering currently around a 200%+ return on investment just from the Steemit upvote alone and not even including all the FREE steem-engine tribe upvotes your'll get too with these upvotes. This is one of the best deals around! Don't like the card you won here today? That's ok, just burn it into 15 Dark Energy Crystals, keep 5, and use the other 10 to get yourself a $0.02 Steemit upvote and various tribe upvotes from @givememonsters! Increase your earnings by using our service today!

Learn more about both of these services at our discord at the link below.


Giveaway Results

We're back at it with some more SBI share giveaways!

So now let's get to the good part, here are the winners of the first 6x contest back on the SBI share giveaways! As a side note we are giving all of our shares from these sponsored shares to our partners over at @givememonsters which is why you will see their name appear before yours but you will still get your all the same. This is just a technical feature that SBI allows if you wish to give someone else the share that you would have received.

Contest# 341
@prettynicevideo (nomination winner courtesy of @chekohler)

Contest# 342

Contest# 343

Contest# 344

Contest# 345
@whatdotheyknow (nomination winner courtesy of @chekohler)

Contest# 346

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks everyone for your loyal commitment to our cause and please stay tuned for more daily giveaways and an exciting new project we're working on that we hope to reveal by the end of the month!


About The Team

We are a growing group of individuals that seek to help the Steemit community by providing free giveaways to promote, above all things, a platform for other Steemit users to grow and find a little assistance along the way to improve their experiences and draw more interest to Steemit as a whole.

Combined between our now 5 active team members:

UserService Provided
@jonnyla08Steem Monsters Giveaways
@monstermadnessSteem Monsters Giveaways
@just4kicks46Steem Monsters Giveaways
@steemexplorersSteembasicincome Giveaways
@givememonstersUpvote Service

We are now giving away something every single day across 4x accounts. That’s 28x FREE giveaways every single week! And we're working on providing an upvote service through the @givememonsters account!


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1 !BEER Token for you


To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @steemexplorers, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Nice! Thank you so much for supporting 2 of my nominations I really appreciate it

Did you forget to sponsor with @givememonsters? Because I didn't see their name before mine.

I will add them to my list of random sponsorees, sometimes I want to buy a share for a random someone and never know who, so I started a list of names for when I'm in that mood 🥳

@kharma.scribbles thank you for pointing this out. Over the past couple months or so we've been giving our shares to givememonsters trying to help that service under our shared umbrella grow. In that time through post rewards, selling off a good amount of our Steem Monsters collection and leveraging some other small investments we've now reached a point where both Steemexplorers and Givememonsters have obtained 2,000 shares or more of SBI. That benchmark was our target for Givememonsters and we don't feel they really need anymore at the moment as much as Steemexplorers does because the Steem raised for that account just goes toward powering up which we can do slowly over time while Steemexplorers needs to ensure we continue to earn at least 1 Steem or greater every single day so that we can continue our daily share giveaways. This could prove a little more challenging now that the reward splits have changed from 75/25 author/curator over to 50/50 so going forward until we're satisfied with what we're generating we'll be reverting back to taking the shares for Steemexplorers and working on continuing to grow this account as much as we can now. Thank you for your comment though, that was a really good catch and a really good question which we're happy to answer.

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