My plans to cope with the Chronovirus, so we can look back and smile later; when it fizzles out!

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CHRONOVURUS IS COMING! What does that mean, and what should we do?

I am NOT a Doctor, so I will tell you what decades of Herbal studies; combined with a study of this issue, has helped me develop this plan for me and mine.

First, it is important to speak to medical health levels before exposure. The better the health level, the less dangerous any infection will be. This includes exercise (sorry folks), and healthy eating. Everyone knows this, but it seems to be the elephant in the room....

There are well know health support items (zink, D, C, and Hot Tea with lemon and honey) that everyone should stock up on, and be ready to use. The zink and C should be done now!

The other elephant in the room is that with simple precautions, this will be a null. For now, Avoid contact, clean your hands, no crowds, and don't spread it if you get sick! This is like the common cold, and about as dangerous. It has just been hyped by the MSM, in order to raid the stock market!

NOW, lets look into the Herbal possibilities. The most effective anti viral in purple cone flower, also known as Echinacea. Everyone should have a supply in house, just in case!

Pixabay image:

Echinacea is a direct anti-viral with three comounds; caffeic acid, chicoric acid, and echinacin. The roots of this plant also contains Interferon, the body's natural anti viral compound. It also in proven to stimulate the body's immune system directly.

It is Important to note that you can NOT take Echinacea long term, so DO NOT begin taking it unless you are actually sick!!!

NOW, let's get into the herbals:
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There are some other herbals that are mid level effective against viruses, that would be smart to keep on hand. Here is a list: Astragalus, Dragon Blood, Garlic, Goldenseal, Juniper, Lemon Balm, Licorice, and Shiitake are all effective treatment.

There are some additional herbals that are commonly used for combating viruses, here is that list:
Eucalyptus, Forsythia, and Ginger are often used against viruses.

These two lists can be taken long term, to strengthen your system ahead of time, so GET THESE! One word of caution, each person reacts slightly differently to individual herbals. I am unable to tolerate several herbals myself, Including Goldenseal above! But this herb doesn't bother my wife.

One last recommendation, The Chronovirus kills by causing Pneumonia, and the fatalities result from the pneumonia not the virus! There is one more herbal that you should have; it is called Stinging Nettle. I have used this for decades to help my bronchitis (from lung damage working on the pipeline), now I no longer have the problem, and my lungs have healed! This is powerful stuff, and it makes one of the best tasting herbal teas I have ever enjoyed....

IF you can't find this locally, here is where I buy mine, and I have no relation with this website, except as a happy customer! I have not found any errors on her site either, so enjoy if you don't have a local source!

Here is how you make the Nettle tea: In a tea or coffee maker I put one regular tea bag (I like the taste together) with a 3" stainless tea ball, half filled with stinging nettle leaves; in a full pot of water, and brew. I add 2 teaspoons of Xyletol and 1/8 tsp of stevia (we don't use sugar here); and keep it in a thermos. It works better when Hot, but is effective when cold too.


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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Why do you inject unrelated comments? I might take the time to discuss Bible in a different venue. But these videos are not discussing herbals or chronovirus mitigation.

Throwing videos at people is not witnessing, and you present Christ badly! He is not an unwelcome beggar....


yeah those cock suckers goal might even be to harass people so that they are drown away from the message... who knows...

in short to know if it's an imposter, a kuffar of hell or hyprocrite, ask it simply : are plants of the creation illegal? poppy. coca. cannabis? then ask about gmo corn of disease...

then you can see, an enemy... stay away or as the muslims said : slaughter them, they are nothing.

and their nutrients can be used to grow healthy plants.

warfare against those that pretend to be moral while unarmed is the funniest part...

or using their corpses, even "living" for "games"... can always generate positive income and show the little muppets what wars entails.

This disease seems taylored to kill the older people. Accident, or move to save healthcare cash?

They would compost well....

Limit contact and wash hands, pandemic gone.


What is Chrono Virus? You mean Corona Virus?

I find it spelled both ways, didn't seem important; to be accurate we should call it the Boogieman....


They moved quickly here, and closed everything helping the Homeless! Nothing else significant yet....

Watch your retirement, this will be as deadly as Y2K!


Too Damn much politics attached to this virus for me to take it seriously as a disease!


But what is happening in Italy?

Stupid people, not doing basic precautions. The mortality rate is still 2.3% Even for stupid people.

This is not the black death, ebola or anthrax; it is a variant of the common cold. Like Y2K it is Vastly overblown by the media....


Yeah Smithlabs !!! the Echinacea is splendid... please provide more pictures in this kind of posts ! And as you may know :

11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.

I mean... what else do those fighting the plants of the creation need? in short they just exposed for what they are... aka the FALLEN.

I would add to your little list using a waterwarmer to put lavender flowers in it... lavender I remember to have read it, is excellent for the lungs :).

yeah from a political perspective it's very interesting to see that all including sanders never speak about the core principle of TCM which is preventive healthcare, they all are medicare, medicaid what ever for all, free medicine etc, but never address the underlying issues...

moderate sports, healthy organic food full of nutrients and co...

just more big pharma big hospital... it's not disney land, you can't buy a ticket or a pill and be healthy... it's a cultural problem...


what kind of pipeline did you work on?

not fully filtred sugar from sugarcane (yellow to brown) has some nutrients too :)...

be safe

edit: and apparently the size to the virus exposure plays a role, like in the case of the doctor in china who was silenced and became a true national hero, in short he was too much in the midst of it without at the begining the proper gears (+ trauma from being arrested while being on the truth side).

edit2 : and grow them yourselves !!!

I did a substantial post with lots of pictures with @squirrelbait recently. I am having trouble with steemit, and am working on my phone right now.


So pictures are more difficult, but here is the stinging nettle tea.

I use lavandar oil on burns, it is amazing stuff! Anything that improves lung function, is wise right now!


Hi @smithlabs, thank you for the information on Stinging Nettles. I wonder if you can take tables?

I take stinging Nettle powder in capsules every day (3 "00" capsules), I am drinking the tea, because I like it, it tastes good! I get the powder from and I get my capsules at capsule connection.

I use Vegetarian Capsules, because they dissolve slower and more completely. This releases the powder more completely, over a longer time; increasing absorption.

I am just a customer of both.


Sir smithlabs! Great information here, I think I'll get me some Stinging Nettle from that herb company.

Glad it helped you!

It is a super herb, I use it all the time. Great tea too....


It hasn't helped me yet because I haven't ordered any but it sounds like a great one to have.

Well, get on it slacker, LOL! It will help you health up.


Does Stinging Nettle do anything for your health if you don't have lung problems? Did you get coverage or a settlement or compensation from the pipeline company for your injured lungs?

Common use: Allergies (teary eyes, runny nose); hay fever; arthritis, gout; increase flow of urine; urinary tract infection; kidney and bladder stones; excessive bleeding; anemia; tonic; blood builder; blood purifier; supports breast milk production.

PLUS Ms and bronchitis treatment....


Well dang, everyone should be drinking that stuff then! What about the 2nd question? I know you can't handle more than one thing at a time so I shouldn't have asked two questions at once!
" Did you get coverage or a settlement or compensation from the pipeline company for your injured lungs?"

People are disposable in the oil field, they do NOT care, nor do they pay!I was not yet 30, and I spent two decades visiting the doctor for prescriptions. No need now!

I was just ignoring you....


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@truthforce, Thanks for the curation! I am hoping this removes some of the worry, yet helps some people prepare!


I have never tried that tea before. Did you drink it everyday? I might just have to get myself some. Stay healthy!

It can also be taken in capsules, but I do have some every day. I could probably stop now and be fine, but I like the tea enough to keep it handy!

It is a broad spectrum herb that treats a lot of issues. I give it to my Wife for her MS, and it is reversing the damage. Her doctor still says it is impossible....

Great to hear from you again! Be Blessed.


@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Lots of good info here and always good to be prepared!

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@porters, thanks for the Curation! I love @naturalmedicine, lots of good information there.

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