Is The World Run By Pedophiles- Part IX... The Eye of the Beholder- the Art of the Podestas

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When we talk about international institutionalized pedophile rings trafficking children, it's so big that it becomes difficult to visualize. There don't seem to be any graphs or schematics that adequately incorporate all of the government agencies, NGO's, corporations, individuals, etc. that are involved. In order to simplify matters I've been trying to come up with some sort of image- what a schematic might look like. For example, this is the schematic used for Tavistock Institute:

Google Images

Confusing at best, like a roadmap with roads leading nowhere. Imagine if you will, throwing a handful of pebbles into a pond. It would cause a series of concentric circles to go out from where each pebble hit the water. Although they each have their beginning at a different point, eventually they all meet and interact at one point or another. The point of origin could be a city, institution, or organization and each concentric circle could be an event, person, place, etc.. Pizzagate, for example is the intersection of rings, it involves the Podestas who were also involved in the McCann disappearance and other troubling "rings." One of them being the bizarre collection of art owned by both brothers and their association with the artists... rings upon rings upon rings. If you keep this dynamic in mind it will become clear as we go along.

So far we've seen intersecting rings from Jimmy Savile, British Intelligence in the McCann case, American Intelligence in the Finders and Epstein cases as well as the involvement of the politically connected Podesta brothers, all with different sources but gravitating toward one another- as the old saying goes "birds of a feather flock together," and there are threads connecting all of the perpetrators the most common thread being intelligence services which indicates mind control in addition to trafficking. The next post in the series will be about the history of mind control and how it is used by pedophile rings- the institutionalized ones in particular. For now we're going to look at the Podesta brothers' art collection and its connection to America's elites.

By now most people are familiar with the bizarre collection of art held by both John and Tony Podesta. There are a few pieces that I want to focus on such as:

As it says in the caption, the sculpture is modeled after one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims. Like the picture at the beginning asks: "Would you hang this in your house?" I think the real question is, what kind of person would? It hangs not in some obscure corner but in the entryway where it can be seen by all. Even more troubling, however, are the depictions of children:


(All photos courtesy Google Images)

The image on the right shows the pool at the Vanderbilt mansion along with some disturbing characterizations of adults and a child in rabbit suits. The "white rabbit" symbolism is prevalent in mind control, but for now I want to focus on the pool because it appears to be the backdrop for the artwork.

Gloria Vanderbilt, the owner of the home is of course the mother of CNN announcer Anderson Cooper. She has some rather disturbing artwork of her own.

 Later on, a sharp eyed QAnon researcher noticed the similarities between the pool at Biltmore Estate and the paintings. However, the pool at Biltmore House is no longer a pool. It has no water vents, no filtration, no bottom drain, no overflow mechanism and it has ropes around it matching Podesta paedosadist artwork. Biltmore House belonged to Anderson Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt. 

Anderson Cooper has some rather disturbing taste in art himself:

Anderson seems to have a fixation with JonBenet Ramsey. Above we see a number of 'art' pieces from Gloria Vanderbilt are dedicated to JonBenet Ramsey. She was the Toddlers in Tiaras infant raped and murdered, with the subsequent investigation covered up by the police, as it opened up too many important and powerful connections.

Below is Gloria Vanderbilt's son Anderson Cooper who propagates fake news on CNN while being protected in real life by up to three bodyguards when outside. His time at the CIA is documented in Wikileaks and his 'green screen' fakery and parental faux sympathy at Sandy Hook is well understood by researchers, giving him a reputation for being a Mocking Bird (CIA) media asset. Once again a link to US Intelligence.

So what have we proven so far? That some rich and powerful people have disturbing taste in art. However a pattern is beginning to emerge that will become frighteningly more apparent when we begin to investigate Child Protective Services (CPS) and their pattern for removing children for virtually no reason except a few dirty dishes in the sink, or poverty while these elites are allowed unfettered access to children. Once these children are put into the child sex-trafficking pipeline they are used for SRA and/or mind control and forced into a life of slavery.

To digress for a moment: All of this behavior is satanic, whether overtly or covertly. One point I keep trying to make is that you don't have to wear black robes and shout "Hail Satan" to serve Satan. Satanism is the deliberate inversion of God's commandments such as practiced by the Sabbatean/Frankists. CPS does not protect children but destroys families because the family is the fundamental social unit, a covenant between a man, woman and God. One good example of how this works is the Safe Families Act 0f 1997. It does nothing to protect families, but creates cash incentives for states to remove children from loving homes and places them with others. This is the polar opposite of what the name implies.

There are some other troubling artworks as well:


This is borderline child pornography and as you can see in the second piece Tony Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping pong Pizza who seem to be on very friendly terms. Both are also friends and supporters of the Clintons... more and more ripples are beginning to intersect. The Clintons and their foundation play a key role in child sex-trafficking. Alefantis and the Podestas play a small role as inroads to something much bigger that involves government agencies, NGO's such as the Clinton Foundation, the International Red Cross, USAID and others- along with government contracting corporations such as Dyncorp... of course US Intelligence agencies are involved as well along with the UN. This story takes a more sinister turn here as well as organ harvesting is added to the list of crimes and organizations such as Planned Parenthood become involved. But I digress.

And then there are the mysterious "red shoes." Some believe that they are made from the skin of children, but at the very least they symbolize something... something that isn't of an innocent nature.


The circles grow wider as does the cast of characters, transcending the world of politics and intelligence into entertainment and other. The red shoes symbolize something as do the symbols uncovered by the FBI.

At what point does all of this stop being mere coincidence and gel into something else... something darker and far more sinister. There are some other pieces of "art" in the Podesta brothers" collection by a woman named Kim Noble who claims to be a Project Monarch victim herself possessing 13 different personalities. I tend to be skeptical of these multiple personality claims, but her story is consistent with those of other MKUltra/Monarch programming victims. Here are a few samples of her art.


These bring back very graphic and unpleasant memories for me making objectivity difficult- particularly the first two. Although I remain skeptical of claims of multiple personality disorder, I'm inclined to believe her. I've provided a link to her story and samples of the art of different personalities... they all differ not only in style, but medium (I hope that's the right word- one may be in oil, while another seems like block print, etc.). One thing they all have in common is that they feature abuse or occult themes. We'll look at more of Kim's story when we investigate mind control and the intelligence services.

You can tell a lot about someone by the art they keep. In the case of the Podesta brothers the common theme is pedophilia, specifically children in positions of slavery, punishment and/or servitude being bound, or in the case of Kim Noble's work forced into sexually subservient situations... in other words, this is not art that you would find in a "normal" person's house. Considering the relationship that they- John in particular- have with people such as Marina Abramovic I think it's safe to say that neither are people any sane person would want to babysit their kids.

This has provided "ripples," links to the Clintons, Anderson Cooper and his mother, intelligence services. As the circles grow wider they will encompass many other people, organizations, institutions etc.. What we are dealing with is huge, organized and despicable. It involves not only institutions of government, philanthropy, religion, the media, entertainment- all of which we have been taught to trust- involved in crimes against the most vulnerable among us, our children. These crimes do not stop with mere pedophilia- if you can call pedophilia "mere," but brainwashing and organ harvesting. Human/child trafficking has become the most lucrative black market commodity, outstripping drugs and arm sales... and it seems that everyone from the top down is involved. Next we'll look at the Intelligence services and mind control. 



Son of a bitch...I have no words

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How right you are. This is sick and repulsive. It saddens my heart that there are these types out there... and they do not even know they are sick. The bar of morality has been lowered too many times. Thanks for exposing this. I hope folks wake as the public should be outraged. Blessings @richq11

This is going to be a long series my friend!

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