Is The Whole World Run By Pedophiles- Part XXI... CPS & Child Abuse Pediatricians

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One might ask what do doctors have to do with institutionalized pedophilia. The simple answer is that the vast majority of trafficked children in the US come from homes that have been destroyed by CPS and Child Abuse Pediatricians (CAPs), like the NGOs discussed in the last post, add an air of respectability to what otherwise amounts to nothing more than kidnapping. CAPs have become the latest tool in the arsenal of government interventionists whose agenda is to legally kidnap children on the flimsiest of medical pretenses and throw them into the foster care system, after which we all know what happens to most. Most often flawed diagnoses not only take children from their parents (often for no more than asking for a second opinion) and thrust them into real danger- both medically and physically. One doesn't necessarily have to be a pedophile to aid and abet them.

More and more liberal politicians are passing ridiculous legislation that gives doctors and their CPS allies authority to medically kidnap children.  "According to Dr. Lynn Sheets, Medical Director of child advocacy and protective services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, a bruise is a “sentinel injury.” 

 Dr. Sheets claims:

“One of the things we realized is if you just call it a bruise, everyone has bruises. Everyone thinks about it as a minor injury including the doctors, including child welfare. So we needed to change the way people are thinking about these minor injuries in young infants.”She continues by saying “Think about them differently. They’re warning injuries or important injuries. They’re sentinel injuries. That’s why I coined the term and it has caught on nationally and even internationally.”

Typical of the left, if something sounds good they race toward it like lemmings to a cliff. The problem is that most bruises are merely the result of normal bumps and bruises and not child abuse, but if the left can squeeze a slogan out of it they'll turn in into public policy- damn the consequences- this is about virtue signalling and keeping the sex-trafficking pipeline open... the Andrew Weiners and James Alefantis of the world are counting on them.

 Her reasoning for this newly “coined” term, is a study she participated in, in 2003: Sentinel Injuries in Infants Evaluated for Child Physical Abuse.

The study includes 401 children <12 months of age.

The children were found to have: definite abuse, intermediate concern for abuse, and no abuse.

Never is it mentioned how the “definite abuse” was founded. It only states the children were evaluated by the child protection team at a children’s hospital. 

Not only is the test group statistically insignificant, CPS did the evaluation. This looks like part of a much larger agenda, and/or a case of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Either way the losers are America's families who are increasingly being destroyed by this liberal social engineering project. The study showed: 200 were definitely abused, 100 had intermediate concern for abuse, and 101 had no abuse. Of the 200 definitely abused, 27.5% had “sentinel injuries,” 8% of the intermediate concerning had the sentinel injuries, and 0% had “sentinel injuries” in the non abused children.

Of these “sentinel injuries,” 80% were bruises, 11% were intraoral injuries, and 7% were noted as “other.”Their conclusion was: “sentinel injuries” are common in abused children.

Dr. Sheets has now gone so far as to propose legislation in the U.S. Senate, S.B. 1009, which has been sponsored by Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.  In case no one else has noticed there is nothing even remotely scientific about this study. Their findings are almost as reliable as Greta Thunberg's opinions on Climate Change.  Dr. Douglas Smith, a retired University of Michigan professor of pathology who has testified in cases where parents are wrongly accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome, wrote the following in a letter to Senator Tammy Baldwin that Health Impact News obtained, opposing Dr. Sheets’ questionable science in trying to expand the net to catch parents allegedly abusing their children in order to remove more children from their parents by CPS: 

 She cites three references to support that conclusion. One was not an actual study but an opinion piece in a throw away journal. 

 The second study included 246 infants less than 9 months old and only 3 had bruises (1.2%). The third study found 11 bruises in 511 (2.2%) infants that were not yet cruising. 

 These studies had exclusions for suspicion for physical abuse. There is no gold standard for “suspicion” of abuse so one must consider that there may be bias in the exclusion criteria that would lower the incidence of bruises. These are but a few of Dr Smith's refutations- the point I wanted to bring up is bias. Dr. Sheets is a liberal (like all CAPs) trying to make a name for herself by pushing an agenda that destroys families. I suggest reading the full article (the first link below). Here are a few stories of the damage done by these dangerous ideologues.

 In February 2018, Kylee Dixon, then 11 years old, was rushed to the hospital in excruciating abdominal pain. Tests later confirmed she had a tumor in her liver known as Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma.  DHS showed up in the family’s life a month after Christine discharged Kylee from the hospital. After 6 months of chemotherapy with no improvement in Kylee’s health, and the tumor in Kylee’s liver remaining the same size, the mother and daughter had enough.

Chemotherapy is known to be toxic to the body. The Veracity Foundation created a page dedicated to making awareness about the real effects on the body due to chemotherapy. They also provide black label warnings included with the drugs, one in particular that was given to Kylee, along with quote after quote from physicians and oncologists all saying the same thing, chemo kills.

According to the Veracity Foundation site, Christine was never counseled by physicians about the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment Kylee had been receiving. 

To make a long story short Kylee was removed after her mother found a treatment regimen that worked but didn't include chemo. She was put in foster care where she was sexually abused.  Christine claims, even with medical evidence showing improvement with the treatments she was giving Kylee, DHS moved forward with their neglect allegations against her which would remove Kylee from her mother’s care, thus discontinuing the treatment regimen responsible for shrinking Kylee’s tumor, and readmitting the young girl back into the oncology unit to undergo further chemotherapy treatments.  

From there the story goes precipitously downhill, once again I recommend reading the entire article- it shows the wanton disregard that the state actually has for the welfare of children. Children are merely commodities to be used for whatever benefit the state may derive from them... including forcing them into sexual slavery. I bookmarked about 20 similar stories of children being removed as a result of ideological medicine, but I think you get the picture. Also it's important to factor in the medical professions involvement in removing children for parents refusal to vaccinate. In the Democrat-run state of Illinois this includes refusal to allow Vitamin-K shots in infants. Like in New York- where they're now going after the Amish- this isn't about protecting children, but making them property of the state.

 Megan Fox, writing for PJ Media, has published a recording from an April 12, 2018 meeting of the Perinatal Advisory Committee (PAC) that operates under the Illinois Department of Public Health.In the recording, health officials that apparently include doctors and possibly nurses who are authorized to give the Vitamin K shot to newborns, discuss how they can work together with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to take custody of newborn babies from parents who refuse the Vitamin K shot at birth.  The members of the Health Department basically conclude that since it is DCFS policy to mandate the Vitamin K shot, that medical professionals have the authority to take custody of the child and administer the Vitamin K shot over the objections of the parents, even without DCFS involvement. Such “custody” can be as little as only “2 minutes,” the time it takes to give the shot. 

This is just one more step in making parental rights meaningless. Nowhere in the Constitution does it specify that the government can make medical decisions for parents, in fact the Constitution was written to limit the power of government because the Framers, in their infinite wisdom, understood that power indeed corrupts. The state has no "compelling interest" in the welfare of children, the state in only interested in increasing the power of the state... that and lining their own pockets with the profits gained from removing children from loving homes and selling them to the highest bidder. CPS and these corrupt ideologues in their "child abuse specialty" have formed an unholy alliance where they work in tandem to find for abuse where there is none and subsequently kidnap children. And of course there are the kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies... 

This link shows just how concerned the state is about your children- it contains testimonials from parents whose children died painful deaths from state mandated vaccines:  To the state your children mean one thing- profit. Whether it comes in the form of kickbacks from Big Pharma, or bounties paid for removing children and putting them into foster care- where there's a better than 60% chance they'll be molested sexually- the result is the same; families are being purposefully destroyed as part of an evil agenda of which pedophilia plays a leading role. If not the program would have been repaired or scrapped, but then that would mean a loss of income and fewer victims for the sex-trafficking pipeline... and the medical profession is complicit.

This all goes back to the 1970's when corrupt NGOs created an "epidemic of rampant child abuse" (their words) that in turn created CPS- an agency that operates with almost no oversight. Hillary Clinton, as a lawyer for the Children's Defense Fund, helped draft the legislation- a woman who, as we've already covered, is rabidly anti-family. We already know from Haiti and other places that the Clintons and their foundation are involved in child sex-trafficking. We also know that the Clintons take their marching orders from the Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora through NGOs such as the Council on Foreign Relations. We also know of the control on the medical profession exerted by the Rockefellers through their foundation through organizations such as the AMA (American Medical Assn.) which they created. The dots are all there, all you have to do is connect them.

NEXT: The Educational Establishment- Grooming-ground For Pedophilia 



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Excellent work. This is turning into a saga, one that surpasses written history. Incredible to read through it all.

Thanks... After a follow-up on this topic that shows the link between the Clintons and the Children's Defense Fund and mandatory vaccines I think I can wrap this up with 3-4 more posts and maybe a conclusion that ties everything together.

Reading of what is being done and is being planned, to destroy families, is heartbreaking AND sickening - but, it is only part of the story. Once we know of a 1,000 victims, what do we say, let us wait to see if it is real? So we wait for it to get to 10,000 or a 100,000 or maybe only a millio0n children kidnapped is enough? And then? What do we do to stop it?

That is what I want to see, suggestions and ideas for stopping them - or else, some parent will become a vigilante and then it could spiral out of control. Not that I am objecting, not if it saves children.