Is The Whole World Run By Pedophiles- Part XX... NGO's- Dominating The Political Landscape

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Before getting into the corrupting effect that Child Abuse Pediatricians have on policies dealing with the institutionalized removal of children from loving homes to keep the child sex-trafficking pipelines full, I want to broach another related matter- one that I speak of often- NGO's (non-governmental organizations). Non-governmental organizations hold an immense amount of power when it comes to shaping public policy- in fact as the title implies, they dominate the political landscape... but their influence doesn't stop there. The NGO's are comprised of the "experts" that we see every night on the nightly news telling us all how we should think.

They have been with us for over a century and the early billionaires found that "philanthropy" was the key to using their money to affect governmental policy. They have since evolved into a monstrosity that control virtually every aspect of our lives. One of the first such monsters was the Rockefeller Foundation that allowed John D. Rockefeller and his progeny to use their money to control the nascent medical profession along with public education... control of these is necessary to enhance CPS' role in child sex-trafficking. These NGOs give the agendas that they advocate the veneer of respectability. For whatever reason people seem to respond positively to people with an MD or Ph.D behind their name. NGO's have become the go-betweens between corporations and governments. 

One thing that reveals the Rockefeller agenda is that it was the Rockefeller Foundation that funded the "research" behind the Kinsey Report. In fact it's the advent of NGOs that are responsible for the cavalcade of "experts" that dominate the multi-faceted American socio-political landscape. The reality is that NGOs are responsible for flooding the media, government and society with ideologues representing whatever cause they advocate... for every agenda there is a cadre of "experts" pushing it. The Rockefellers were not only behind the medical professions' transformation from being primarily homeopathic to allopathic. It was they who opened the first medical colleges and they were also behind the American Medical Association (AMA)- another NGO.

What I want to focus on here is NGOs and how they operate... you can plug them in to the issue at hand, each NGO having its own agenda- often overlapping with others. Although these are mostly political, pedophilia and the trafficking of children for sex are political as well as social issues. Many NGOs receive taxpayer funding, one of the more prominent being Planned Parenthood. As they have evolved they (NGOs) have become a very profitable enterprise- they not only push agendas but make a fortune doing so, this in turn only increases the power they hold. It was NGOs that began the push for the Russia collusion hoax for example. Remember, this in only to illustrate how NGOs work- we're not tying Russia collusion or any other issue to pedophilia. To fully understand the political/governmental pedophilia problem it's critical to understand the impact of the NGOs that are behind it... in the case of CPS it was the Children's Defense Fund. Each issue has its own attendant NGOs. It's through the efforts of their NGOs that the transgender hoax is being perpetrated on America... in reality transgenderism is an attempt by the homosexual community to target children.

 Some of the most vicious anti-Trump voices have come from US government-funded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), affiliated with the State Department, Big Tech, and Soros affiliates. Many of these NGOs have existed since the Cold War, with a mandate to promote freedom and democracy abroad. They are forbidden to operate in the US, especially in partisan fashion.  Apparently, they have disregarded that mandate and have instead positioned themselves as pillars or guardians of the “global civil society.” They found a reliable ally in State Secretary Hillary Clinton. They have been interfering in US political campaigns and elections since at least 2016, frequently in coordination with their UN/EU counterparts. 

These organizations are able to get away with this because they have the MSM running interference for them... and these MSM entities are controlled by the Mockingbird intelligence agencies, who in turn are controlled by the elite Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora- the beneficiaries of child sex-trafficking.  One such NGO is the National Democratic Institute, headed by Madeleine Albright. It receives federal funding, which it mixes with money and influence from the Open Society Foundation (George Soros), UN agencies, the European Commission, multiple foreign governments, Amazon, Google and others. 

 The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) was created in 2001 to study “the social science of the Internet.”  By 2015, it had become an internet-focused junk science / idea laundering mill, giving leftist agendas the veneer of academic respectability. It was funded by the UK Remain establishment, the European Commission, leftist foundations, UNESCO, and Big Tech. Oxford Internet Institute churns out “research” used by Big Tech to reject actual scientific evidence and even to suppress information regarding the significant health harm that Big Tech services are inflicting on adolescents. [Emphasis added]

These are the same people pushing other leftist agendas such as transgenderism. UNESCO for example is tied to Planned Parenthood in a collaboration that virtually controls sex education in America's schools. The UN, the parent organization behind UNESCO is responsible for the Convention on the Rights of the Child that essentially removes parental rights in favor of the state. Many of these foundations along with Big Tech are behind the movement to "normalize" pedophilia.

 This snowball effect turned the little bit of junk science from OII ComProp into another component of the alleged Russian election interference, adding to the coordinated allegations from the DNC, CrowdStrike, and Steele dossier. Around December 9, 2016, CIA chief John Brennan used this narrative to persuade President Obama to launch the post-election “investigation” against Trump, and its parts were found in the so-called Intelligence Community Assessment, unveiled on January 6, 2017, in what seems to be a last-ditch effort to prevent the Trump inauguration. 

This is how the NGOs operate... for the last three years television news has been little more than a non-stop parade of "experts" explaining why the results of the 2016 election are invalid. The reason is because the criminal activity- financial and otherwise (including pedophilia which is used for blackmail as well as "entertainment") is in danger of being exposed. Their "junk science" is by no means limited to the election results... it encompasses climate change (another cash cow), transgenderism, and other social/moral issues. Like the old saying goes, "you can't legislate morality," but you can legislate corruption and immorality.

 The internet and social media platforms have been political battlefields for years, in many countries. Foreign interference over the internet contributed to the rise of a defeatist sentiment in the war on terror, the Democratic party shift to the left, and Obama’s electoral victories. It is time to look at the benefits from foreign interference on social media, solicited and received by the Democrats. Almost all of these NGOs- particularly the ones involving pedophilia and child sex-trafficking- seem to lean far to the left. The Democrats (DNC), the Clinton Foundation and other similar NGOs have amassed a fortune... and I remind the reader that sex/human trafficking- particularly child trafficking has become the most lucrative part of the black market. These leftist NGOs have found a way to profit from almost every social issue- a good example is the homeless situation in California.

Before we continue it's important to explain how fundraising for "philanthropic" NGOs operates. These entities are by law allowed to use up to 92% of monies raised for "administrative purposes." This means in practice that the recipients- those the NGO is designed to help- rarely see very much of the monies raised. This happened with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti- what they did was within the law- although it would be difficult to equate Chelsea's lavish wedding with an administrative cost. This same dynamic holds for the homeless problem in California... the problem isn't a lack of funds, but that they don't go to actually help any homeless people.

 As homelessness proliferates in California while declining everywhere else, someone out in California, Michelle Mears at the California Globe, has decided to do what reporters (used to) do: she followed the money.  What she found was the kind of thing you find when you turn over a rock.

The homeless crisis appears to be manufactured for groups and people to profit through social programs and government positions. Those claiming to be able to fix the crisis continue to hold their hands out for state and federal funds — placing their value on how much public funding they can raise and spread around to campaign donors instead of results.

In the case of sexual daredevil Katie Hill, the now disgraced former congresswoman, it was a ladder to public office.  What do disgraced congresswoman Katie Hill, Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin, the non-profit PATH developer Thomas Safran, and Executive Director Peter Lynn of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority have in common? They are all profiting or have profited from the so-called homeless crisis. There is also a connection among this crew of self-proclaimed homeless advocates of receiving six-figure salaries stemming from ballot initiatives to public donations, campaign contributions, and sweetheart deals. 

The same is true of the parade of "experts" we see on television explaining ad nauseum anything from politics to transgenderism. It's the experts that reap the lionshare of the benefits... which is not to say that the transgender movement hasn't benefited exponentially. This issue, as we shall see, has mushroomed in a significantly short amount of time. This makes Harry Truman's caveat even more prescient:

Meme by me @richq11 via

This is after all a part of the fight of good vs. evil, a point I've tried to maintain from the beginning of the series. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12. The Left- the powers of darkness in this world- believe in worship through activism. All of the activism of the left has been a direct attack on Christian values and western culture- the things that make America strong... pedophilia and transgenderism are just part of this attack.

It is the supposed beneficiaries of the homeless programs that are paying the price so that hypocrites may flourish.  Mears goes into just how much money has been raised from sales taxes, such as Measure H, raised by the Los Angeles County voters to raise sales taxes to "help" the homeless.  Years ago, that measure passed, and now the gravy is flowing.  The state's homeless crisis is now the worst in Los Angeles as a result.  And the hands of these NGO profiteers are still being held out, the old need for more "funds, funds, funds" despite the good times.  "If you build it, they will come." 

These NGOs are the new face of the philanthropy industry. The false "epidemic of child abuse" led to the Mondale Act which in turn resulted in enormous profits (both in money and status) for the Children's Defense Fund. The losers were America's families, the alleged recipients of the Safe Families Act which has done more to destroy America's families than perhaps any other legislation in history. Now they're getting rich off the homeless in California. Am I the only one to recognize that they always attack the targets with the least resources to defend themselves?

 Mears notes that salaries are so high among the NGOs that purport to "help" the homeless that one participant, Katie Hill, the throuples enthusiast, was able to buy herself a congressional seat from it.  She had been waiting tables as recently as 2010.  After becoming an executive at one of these homelessness outfits, she rocketed into the cash.  It was always strikingly odd that she lived that cruise-ship swinger lifestyle with her uneducated, unemployable husband, who she says leaked her naked pictures after she dumped him, which in the end forced her resignation from Congress, until you recognize where and how she got her sudden wealth surge.  It explains a lot. The creepy thing is, as this homeless bureaucracy grows, there will be more freaks like Hill getting elected to high office. 

We'll end this with a look at the power of the transgender lobby and its attendant NGOs... the transgender phenomenon seemed to happen over night. If you look at the length of time it took the civil rights movement to gain momentum it almost seems miraculous... unless you understand that this was all set up far in advance. It began with civil rights for homosexuals- rights they already possessed as American citizens. Unlike the civil rights movement that only wanted equality, the homosexuals wanted (demanded) extra rights- protections not afforded other citizens. The transgender movement took this and ran with it. I have nothing against gay people- what two (or more) consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business. But when it is pushed on children, as early as kindergarten, a line has been crossed.

 While listening to the Rush Limbaugh show this past Monday, I heard guest host Todd Herman interview an Australian pediatrician and professor on the issue of gender dysphoria and children.  Near the end of the enlightening interview, in which the good doctor detailed the "serious and irreversible damage" done to gender-dysphoric children given radical surgeries and hormones demanded by the perverse LGBT agenda, Mr. Herman asked the important question: "Why?" ...why have so many decided that the solution for children — children! — suffering from gender delusions is disfiguring surgeries and dangerous hormone treatments?  The doctor didn't have a good answer ready, but I think I know who's really behind this evil and what the endgame is here. 

There's a reason that children aren't allowed to enter into legally-binding contracts... it's because they're not mature enough to make decisions that could impact them for the rest of their lives. Why then are they allowed to have these dangerous medical procedures when they lack the maturity to understand what they are. This is affecting children as young as 7-8 years old... they don't know what they want to be when they grow up- most don't even know what they want to be next week. This is blatant opportunism done by sexual deviants looking for prey. This is the pedophile lobby at its best (worst).

 First of all, let it be noted the lightning speed in which we've descended down this wicked slope.  With nothing in science or morality to back the notion that "gender is a spectrum" or that one can actually "transition" from one sex to another, in less than a decade we've gone from the foolish and evil notion that marriage is whatever we define it to be to sex (gender) is whatever we define it to be.  As is the case with same-sex "marriage," children are again victims. 

One mother of a teen wrote about her experience and fears of the power of the LGBTQ+ lobby and NGOs:

 I was shocked when my thirteen-year-old daughter told me she was really my transgender son[.] ... Where did she get the idea she was transgender?  From a school presentation — at a school where over 5 percent of the student body called themselves trans or nonbinary, and where several students were already on hormones, and one had a mastectomy at the age of sixteen[.] ...

I took her to a gender clinician seeking expert guidance.  Instead, he accepted her new identity and told me I must refer to my daughter with masculine pronouns, call her by a masculine name, and buy her a binder to flatten her breasts.  He recommended no therapy, and there was no consideration of the social factors that obviously affected her thinking.  I was directed to put her on puberty blocking drugs[.]

 I have nowhere to go for proper help.  Therapists are actively trained and socially pressured not to question these increasingly common identities.  In Washington, DC, and many states with so-called conversion therapy bans, questioning a child's belief that she is of the opposite sex is against the law. 

 Parents like me must remain anonymous to maintain our children's privacy, and because we face legal repercussions if our names are revealed.  Parents who do not support their child's gender identity risk being reported to Child Protective Services and losing custody of their children.  In New Jersey, the Department of Education officially encourages schools to report such parents. 

The educational system (the topic of an upcoming post) is in bed (pun intended) with the LGBTQ+ lobby. This is all part of a much larger agenda- destroying America by attacking the family. This is a war against Christianity and morality. It doesn't matter how many "experts" are paraded in front of the public or politicians- transgenderism is not moral and can't be made to look like it is no matter how many lies are told.

 Make no mistake: as is the case with mass shooters, as deacon Jack Wilson recently reminded us, what we are dealing with here is not mere mental illness.  This is evil — pure and simple evil right out of the pit of hell.  We will not win this fight unless it is dealt with as such.  As was the case with same-sex "marriage," this is another opportunity for those who want to rule their own world to thumb their noses at the laws of the Lawgiver.  The legalization of same-sex "marriage" was never really only about giving homosexuals the opportunity to "marry."  It was also always about sticking it to Christians and Christianity.  In other words, as was the case with same-sex "marriage," this is a war against the truth — especially when it comes to matters in the sexual realm. 

Make no mistake- NGOs exert an enormous amount of influence on elected officials. Planned Parenthood practically controls the Democratic party and much of the judiciary. Abortion is typically the litmus test given to prospective jurists. The same thing is happening with gay/transgender "rights." NGOs have financial resources that families do not. In the realm of politics and public police money equals power and influence. 

  Some of America's largest medical associations, including the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, have been duped into supporting the evil "transgender" agenda.  Likewise, state and local lawmakers along with many school districts across the U.S. have decided that gender is "fluid" and anyone — including the parents of children — who says anything to the contrary must be brought in line. In the case of the American Academy of Pediatrics, they are the ones doing the duping. Child Abuse Pediatricians have teamed up with CPS to take children from loving homes for things like refusing to subject their children to dangerous vaccinations, or refusing to kowtow to the LGBTQ+ thugs. 

NEXT: Child Abuse Pediatricians- Doctors With an Agenda 



So non governmental organizations are the Orwellian political dogs for the elites. Yeah, it all traces back to power and money. Sad how they are brainwashing our youth on this transgender thing. Will resteem. Blessings @richq11

Blessings my dear friend!

We can solve for this mess...

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